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Should Guerilla Marketing Be Used For Your Company’s Campaign

The ringless voicemail drop system by Drop Cowboys is regarded as Guerilla Marketing on great drugs. Ringless voicemail allows you to set up an SMS Autoresponder for URL Blasts and more so you can increase awareness of your product/service. When you use direct to voicemail marketing, you send mass voicemail messages right to consumers via their cell phones.

Guerilla Marketing: What Is It?

Guerilla marketing is the latest marketing method that has ensured more exposure to a company’s brand or product for practically nothing. Most of these guerrilla marketing campaigns are advertised in high public areas. When you compare guerilla marketing strategies to traditional marketing methods, you tend to get more of your audience’s attention. You certainly get more results from it.

What are The Advantages Of Guerilla Marketing?

There are numerous benefits to guerilla marketing including but not limited to:

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Guerilla marketing is different from traditional marketing techniques that sell advertisements space that is shown to the audience. Instead, it uses an array of marketing techniques like light displays, publicity stunts and giant stickers.

  • Creative Thinking – If you think beyond the box, you can get your audience’s attention. Consumers feel the impact creative marketing campaigns often leave on them, causing them to act on the messages left for them.

  • Viral Marketing – There are numerous viral marketing strategies all around you. They are simple but highly effective. Believe it or not, this was done intentionally to draw attention to their product or service.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Guerilla Marketing?

  • Legalities – Many guerilla marketing methods are used without a business, city or events’ permission, which could be a legal issue for those using it.

  • Confusion – If you think beyond the box, you can get your audience’s attention. Consumers feel the impact creative marketing campaigns often leave on them, causing them to act on the messages left for them.

How To Use Guerilla Marketing With Drop Cowboy?

Set up a catchy, unique marketing voicemail, but make sure to do the following:

  • Keep with the less is more premise
  • Voiceovers and accents tend to get the most attention
  • Provide recipients with reasons to act on promotions
  • Provide them with ways to inquire about an offer or make a purchase (Text Back Reply)

Prime Example (Using Western Voiceover)

Good day, Y’all. We understand how difficult cold calling can be. This is why we’ve developed a program that improves lead generation and gets rid of cold calling. The program is known as ringless voicemail. All you need to do is text this number back and try the program today for FREE.

Set Up The Auto Text Reply

  • Rent a toll-free number or local phone number
  • Designate a list of keywords that are triggered to send out a particular response.
  • Design a series of text messages to handle inquiries from individuals.

Prime Example (Keywords – Buy, Cost, Free, How Much, Price)

When a person responds to a Voicemail Drop you used using the text reply method, the keywords you set up will send the following message.

Hi, and thank you for your interest in Call Cowboy. Take a look at the following link to see the pricing information and how to purchase. Make sure to register and try it for yourself for FREE. (Input your URL here).

Do Market Research

Any guerilla marketing plan has a goal attached to it. In most cases, the goal is obvious, but you must do some market research to have it come to fruition, and your campaign be a success. Look at foot traffic, location, audience demographics and others to see if they fit in with your goal. Drop Cowboy can help you, no matter what the plan you have s. All you have to do is email us questions and how to implement the program into your guerilla marketing campaign.

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