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20% Residual for the life of the client

For individuals or teams looking to build a long term business with Drop Cowboy as its core. We are seeking people all over the world that can cater to and have industry knowledge in specific verticals.

  • Multi-Level profit sharing ( build a team and pay them a percentage to work for you)
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Social and Email Sharing
  • Personalized referral links and coupon code tracking
  • Monthly Payouts
BECOME A EXPERT No cost or investment required
30% Residual for 6 months

For influencers, bloggers and website owners looking to earn ongoing cash for promoting Drop Cowboy.

  • Multi-Level profit sharing ( build a team and pay them a percentage to work for you)
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Social and Email Sharing
  • Personalized referral links and coupon code tracking
  • Monthly Payouts
BECOME A REFERAL PARTNER No cost or investment required

Benefits of Partnering with Drop Cowboy

Drop Cowboy’s excellent customer service extends to the partnerships we nurture.

  • Excellent Lifetime Commission Rates
    • You’ll receive 30% for each first-time purchase and 20% of the client’s lifetime
    • Payouts are given out every month
  • Membership Billing Structure
    • We’re paid at the same time that you are–every month!
  • Transparent Reporting with Accessible Dashboard
    • No hidden fees and charges
    • Everything is transparent within our reports
    • Our accessible dashboard makes it easy to track the customers you bring in
  • Expert Sales guidance
    • We pass on our expertise and knowledge of the sales process to you
    • We’ll assist you to help increase your sales
  • Marketing Materials Provided
    • We offer a variety of marketing materials
    • From banner advertisements to email templates, you’ll have full access to our materials
  • Open Market Opportunities
    • We’re expanding our technology to 82 different countries
    • There will be plenty of opportunities to develop a new market in your country
  • Free to Join
    • There’s nothing to pay for joining our reseller program
    • Get started for free and start making a stable living right away

Partner Commissions Examples

The following figures are based on our average partnership sales in a 6 month period.

  1. 100 - $5 Memberships = $500 Partner Profits $100 a month
  2. 100 - $20 Memberships = $2,000 Partner Profits $400 a month
  3. 50 - $50 Memberships = $2,500 Partner Profits $500 a month
  4. 50- $250 Memberships = $12,500 Partner Profits $2,500 a month

Partnership monthly take-home totals $3,500 per month. Every sale that you make will add to your monthly portfolio, offering you an honest way to build a truly passive income.

Examples of Successful Partnerships

There are countless different opportunities available to work together with us in the Drop Cowboy Partner Program. Regardless of your profession, specialty or current industry, there are multiple ways to get involved with our partner program.

  • System Developers - We’re always interested to work with new system developers that share our vision at Drop Cowboy. If you have the skill set required to assist us with our direct integrations, then we’d love to work with you on integrations with various SaaS and CRM systems. If you’d like to put in the work and earn a lifetime residual, get in touch with us at info@dropcowboy.com for more details.
  • Social Influencers - Have an audience that would be able to make use of our product? We’re more than happy to work with influencers to compelling content that can help you utilize your existing followers to market your very own affiliate website.
  • Hard Sales - Drop Cowboy greatly encourages and supports hard sales. If you’ve got the motivation to get out there and make a sale, then we’ll provide you with a powerful toolset to assist you.
  • Cold Calling - Cold calling is still an effective method of making a sale if you’ve got the experience and motivation to do so. If you’re willing to try cold calling, then we’ll provide you with all the resources you need to make a sale.
  • Existing Networks - If you’re already well-established in an existing network, then you could provide those businesses with another sales resource to make use of.
  • Sub-Affiliate Programs - Much like we offer an affiliate program to our partners, you too can set up a sub-affiliate program to help you generate more revenue.

What We Bring To The Table

100% Full Customer Support

You can expect to receive around-the-clock user-friendly customer support throughout your partnership with Drop Cowboy

Best-in-Class Software and Delivery Rates

We’ve spent thousands of hours tweaking and perfecting our software to create a user-friendly and highly-effective platform with the highest delivery rates in the industry

Global Delivery to Over 80 Different Countries

Regardless of where you’re operating from, we have support for over 80 different countries

Branding Materials and Artwork

From logos and banners to Facebook advertisements, we’ll provide all of the branding materials and the artwork you need to get started

Expert Sales Guidance

No matter how much experience you have, we’ll offer expert sales guidance to grow our partnership and your profits

Transparent Commissions Dashboarding

You’ll have full access to your commission information with personalized referral links, coupon code tracking, recurring monthly commissions and sub-affiliate options

Drop Cowboy Partner Programs

Our Partner Programs are the easiest way to build a portfolio earning monthly recurring revenue. We are looking for individuals and teams across the globe that want to build a SaaS business promoting Drop Cowboy.

BECOME A PARTNER No cost or investment required
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