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What is a ringless voicemail drop?

A ringless voicemail drop is a server to server communication method allowing a direct insertion of a voicemail message into a voice mailbox or voicemail server. Drop Cowboy’s ringless voicemail drop provides the tools to leave direct voicemails to almost all mobile phones and a majority of land-lines.

How do Ringless Voicemail Drops Work?

Drop Cowboy’s ringless voicemail works by allowing a server to insert a voicemail message directly into the carrier’s voicemail box. When your recipient sees your voicemail, your phone number will show as the caller-id allowing the recipient to easily return your call. This is a non-intrusive method to deliver your company’s message to your contacts.

Does the phone ever ring?

Since your voicemail is delivered directly to your recepient’s carrier via server to server communication, a traditional phone call is never placed and your recipient is not billed for the voicemail delivery. Some cell phone carriers may elect to notify their users that they received a new voicemail.

Can I deliver to Landlines?

Drop Cowboy can deliver to landlines that have a voicemail box provided by the carrier and is not a PBX system. Delivery to landlines may cause a short ring. If you are concerned about this, you may select "mobile only" when setting up your campaigns to exclude landines from delivery.

How do I upload my contacts?

Simply drag and drop your .CSV, .TAB, or .TSV file during campaign setup. Almost all CRMs and spreadsheet software have the ability to export .CSV files.

What should I say in my message?

This is your secret sauce...just make sure the content is compliant with current TCPA, FCC, and other rules, laws, or regulations! In general, we think that a simple message is best. State your full name, company, reason for calling, and your phone number.

How much does it cost?

Drop Cowboy offers competitive pricing combined with some of the highest delivery rates in the industry. You only pay for the messages that are successfully delivered to your recipients. See our prices.

What industries do Ringless Voicemail drops cater to?

Any industry that has the need to efficiently deliver their message to large numbers of recipients. Ringless voicemail is effective for: Realtors, Insurance, Mortgage brokers, Sales, Debt Collections, Event Marketing, Education Announcements, Human Resoureces, Fundraisers, Non Profits, And Many More...

How successful will my campaign be?

Ringless voicemail is one of the most effective way to deliver your message. Honestly, how effective your campaign will be depends on several factors including the quality of your contact list and the content of you messages. A response rate between 4% and 8% is typical.

Is it legal? What about regulatory compliance?

Ringless Voicemail technology is legal and not currently regulated in the United States as a "Robo-call" as described in the TCPA. With that said, the TCPA and FCC do have rules governing your use of our service including the content of your messages and the recipients that you’re allowed to deliver voicemails to... especially if you are telemarketing or soliciting. Use of Ringless Voicemail technology alone does not protect you from litigation. Laws, rules, and regulations vary by industry, state, and country. It is your responsibility to comply.

Is it really easy to use?

Sure is! Don't just take our word for it though. We bet you'll have your first campaign activated within a few minutes.

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