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How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

How does ringless voicemail work

Have you ever found yourself in possession of a voice message but with no missed call? How did it drop into your phone? Ringless voicemail is a trendy wave of telemarketing in which brands deliver recorded messages to customers without ever having to make a phone call. So, how does ringless voicemail work? This article will go into detail about how and why ringless voicemail is the trend here to stay.

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

No Phone Calls Made

With ringless voicemail, there is no ringing. The telemarketer directly loads the word into the customer’s voicemail server. This push voicemail service is noninvasive to customers, and marketers don’t have to sit and wait for the phone to ring.

It Works With TCPA Regulations

Ringless voicemail is a gold mine of conversion opportunities for small and large businesses alike. Unlike in cold calling where you can be slapped with a TCPA lawsuit (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), placing a voicemail into a customer’s phone without it ringing is compliant with federal laws because no real calls are made and thus classified under the TCPA as an “Enhanced Service”

The Message Gets Home With Ease

When you implement ringless voicemail, you get to send your brand message to customers with ease. You don’t have to call your customers, or sit and wait for them to answer hoping that they don’t hang up in the middle of the conversation. You only have to record the message and send the voicemail.

The Message Gets Home At The Right Time

A message is better than a phone call; communication 101 teaches us that. The good thing with a voice mail message is that a customer will listen to it at their convenience. If during the middle of the day a customer would have hung up because they were busy, they can comfortably listen to your voicemail message after five during or during a lunch break. They can also play it over and over again, or refer back to it at a later time.

You Cover More Marketing Ground

Ringless voicemail can enable you to reach a wider audience within a short time. You get to cut down on marketing costs since recording and pushing voicemail messages is a task that can be accomplished by one person.

Dial Back Option for Customers

When the customer receives your voicemail, your phone number will show as the caller ID. That gives them a chance to call you back and give their feedback. The callback option removes the blinds from this type of telemarketing. You will be able to assess the impact of your brand message and find better ways to design it next time.

Works For Mobile Phones and Landlines

Ringless voicemail messages can be delivered to your mobile contacts by a server to server communication. The service can also work for landlines that have a voice mail system provided by the carrier. Beware that with landlines, there is a possibility of a brief ring when voicemail messages.

It Is Essential to Identify Yourself

The world that we live in is laden with pranksters and other dangerous persons that are after our personal information. Your ringless voicemail messages need to be honest and straightforward. Start by listing your full name, your company name and your reason for calling. Keep it simple; just a thank you message can do wonders to your brand.

Bottom Line

So, how does ringless voicemail work? Ringless voicemail works by dropping a pre-recorded voice message to a customer’s voicemail server. There are no phone calls made in this type of direct marketing. It does not violate TCPA rules, the message gets home with ease and at the right time, and customers can call you back if they like it. Not only does ringless voicemail serve as a tool for businesses, but individuals can also opt into it for their personal lives as well.

Regardless of how you plan to use your ringless voicemail, Drop Cowboy offers a ringless voicemail service that will go hand in hand with your marketing strategy.

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