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The majority of the conversation about marketing revolves around the use of mobile internet. The problem, however, is that smartphone penetration isn’t as high as many people imagine. Despite the rate of smartphone use rising dramatically over the last few years, the total number of smartphones in circulation in the US is around 102 million - much lower than the total population.

Contrast that to the fact that 98 percent of people in the US currently have access to SMS- capable phones, and you can see why SMS marketing messages are so useful. Penetration is much higher.

What is A Text Blast?

A text blast is where an organization sends out a large number of text messages from a single source simultaneously.

The purpose of a text blast is to engage customers immediately and connect with them on a massive scale to boost purchases, raise awareness, and build a brand.

While the utility for businesses is clear, text blasts are something that churches, charities, and other organizations can use too. Many people have received a text blast from their local sports club or religious institution informing them of an upcoming event. Text blasts are, therefore, an organizational tool that managers can use to get communities involved with their latest projects.

The text blast has also found a role in emergencies. Local authorities will often issue text blasts to all of the people in their area in the event of an emergency. People in flood situations, fires, or other life-threatening situations will often receive a text message telling them what they should do from the local authorities.

Why Use An SMS Text Blast?

There are all kinds of reasons why companies and organizations use SMS text blasts. The main reason is the fact that it’s a guaranteed way to reach the majority of the population. As we’ve discussed, more than 98 percent of people own an SMS-capable device.

The other main reason is “deliverability.” While messaging apps that use the internet provide mass messaging functionality, they’re often limited by data signal in a particular area. SMS messages are not. All you need is standard 2G coverage.

Finally, the emergency services often prefer to send a text blast during emergencies because it is much more likely to get through. Calls, MMS, and data may not get through if the network is overloaded.

How To Text Blast

You can’t send a text blast from a regular mobile device. It’s too demanding and may be blocked by the network. That’s why the majority of businesses and organizations use a text blast app. These platforms make it easy to send out a vast number of messages from a single source, often at low cost.

If you want to send a text blast, the first thing that you have to do is sign up for an account. Some services offer free trials, letting you see whether their services are effective before committing. Others require money upfront but make it easy to begin your first campaign. Either way, the platform provides an essential set of features that make sending mass messages possible.

The next step is to log onto your provider’s text blast messaging platform. The app will typically show you how many contacts you have, the number of unread messages you’ve received, and what’s in your inbox.

SMS Campaign Set up

Starting a conversation with your audience is simple. You just choose the appropriate option and then select text chat to begin your mass text blast campaign. What’s more, the majority of apps today are cloud-based. That means that you can start a conversation from any- internet connected device, using a browser-based app.

Input Text Message Content

Why A Text Blast Can Be So Effective

The reason texts blasts are so effective has to do with the way that people interact with text messages and how they use their mobile devices.

Ninety percent of people in the US keep their mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times of the day. The vast majority interact with their cell phone the moment that they hear their ringtone.

Ninety-four percent of all text messages are opened and read within three minutes. That compares to just 22 percent for emails.

Engagement on social media platforms is even weaker. Data suggest that just 12 percent of customers read a company’s Facebook posts, and 29 percent read their Twitter posts.

Text Blast Statistics

SMS marketing, therefore, is now widely considered to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and audiences. People are much more likely to check their phones after receiving a text blast than they are a marketing email. And the fact that customers check their devices so soon after receiving a message means that you can tailor your messages to specific times of the day.

Nowadays customers want immediate communication with companies so adding text blast to your current Phone Dialer sales process will streamline communication with your customers. In addition whether your a small or enterprise level company you'll need to Buy a Phone Number allowing customers to have an option to make a toll-free calls inquiring about your goods or services.

What Features Should You Look For In A Text Blast Service?

While having access to a free text blast service is nice, they’re not always the best. There are all kinds of things you should look out for in any service that you ultimately wind up choosing.

  • Can you save messages? The ability to save messages is vital if you want to reuse a campaign in the future. The more messages that you can save, the less time you need to spend composing your campaigns, and the more you can put them to use
  • Can you divide contacts into groups? The ability to split up contacts into groups is vital for securing the effectiveness of your campaign. Being able to target specific people with particular messages increases the efficiency of your advertising and cuts down on op outs.
  • Can you personalize your messages? Your customers prefer to receive personalized messages which address them by their name.
  • Can you integrate URLs? While sending a customer a message telling them that they can get a great deal on your website is effective, it’s much better to provide them with the relevant link. The best text blast services let you include URLs into the body text of your message which automatically opens a browser pop-up, forwarding people to your site.

How To Grow Your Text Blast List

One of the reasons text blast services remain so powerful is that they’re surprisingly free from spam. You can’t just buy a list of phone numbers and spam your audience with a marketing campaign from your text blast platform. All of the people you send messages to have to sign up to to receive your marketing messages voluntarily.

The usual way that companies do this is with something called a “keyword.” You might, for instance, get customers to send the word “discount” to your short code number - 606655. Once a customer sends the keyword to your short code number, it registers on your app, and you then have access to their number. The customer implicitly permits you to market to them in the future.

The tricky part is getting people to sign up to your services in the first place. One of the most potent tools you can use is a click-to-join widget on your website. Customers click the widget and then automatically sign up to receive marketing messages from you.

Why Do So Many Businesses Use Text Blasts?

The popularity of text blasts is extraordinary. The reason so many businesses and organization use them is because of their effectiveness in achieving a range of goals. For starters, text blasts are about more than just advertising to customers. They’re also about helping people to move down your sales funnel. After all, it’s not just conversions that you’re after, but also increase brand awareness and engagement. People often do not know what it is that you sell, making text blasts a popular way to spread the word.

Click through rates on following an SMS text blast tend to be high. Data suggest that click- through rates may be up to ten times higher on text messages.

Companies targeting the 15 to 25 age group may benefit even more. This age group tends to be highly resistant to traditional marketing channels, such as email. But figures indicate that they are much more willing to engage with text messaging. Brands that use text messages to interact with these groups report engagement as high as 95 percent.

Start Your Text Blast Campaign

If you want to find out more about text blasts or try them out for yourself, then Drop Cowboy is here to help. With us, you can send out SMS campaigns to all of the people on your contact list to raise awareness and boost conversions. With a helpful text blast app, you can do it all from the comfort of your computer.

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