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Way2sms wants to make marketing cheaper and easier in India. The company, which allows businesses in India to send SMS messages to customers in bulk, is now India’s largest SMS platform, thanks to a range of features, including the ability to send free SMS in local languages.

What Is Way2sms?

Way2sms began life as a free SMS messaging service. The platform allowed anybody to send free SMS messages to any device in India, with each member of the platform getting access to three free texts per day. The platform garnered a reputation for being the best quality SMS delivery service available at the time and provided a range of support to people experiencing issues. The combination of a semi-free service and plenty of customer support helped to build the brand.

Way2sms then expanded into the business segment. The company realized that many businesses in India wanted to get access to cheap, accessible marketing and to take advantage of the mobile revolution on the subcontinent. Millions of Indians carried mobile devices around with them every day, and it was an untapped marketing opportunity. Getting the message to them was a top priority.

The way to sms login gave businesses access to an account where they could create and schedule marketing campaigns. Customers of way2ms got access to a range of tools and flat pricing that make it easy to manage and organize their campaigns. Together with excellent support, it was suddenly easy for businesses to reach out to their target audiences in new ways, without having to rely on digital marketing.

In India, the platform proved to be a handy marketing platform. Before the smartphone revolution, access to the internet was low in India, but mobile network coverage in cities was good. Way2sms, therefore, provided enterprises with a way of communicating with their customers that was simple and effective and didn’t rely on them having a desktop computer. Today, more than 50,000 businesses use the service across India to deliver SMS messages to their clients and customers.

Why Choose Way2sms For Bulk SMS Marketing?

Way2sms is the most popular bulk messaging service in India. It achieved that distinction through a variety of features. The platform is the obvious choice for the vast majority of businesses who stand to benefit from bulk SMS services.

Flat Price

Perhaps the most significant advantage of Way2sms is the flat price. Other providers in India would frequently offer businesses variable rates for bulk SMS services, but not Way2sms. The company made a decision early on to only charge customers a fixed price for every message that they sent, negating the need to negotiate. Company executives want a simple, transparent, and fair service. They don’t want to have to haggle over the price per text. Everyone pays the same 20 paise per message, and that’s it.

High Rate Of Delivery

Sending messages is one thing, but getting your messages delivered is quite another. The networks become suspicious anytime anyone tries to send out multiple messages from a single device.

Way2sms claims that it will deliver 100 percent of the messages you send and that 90 percent of them will arrive with customers inside ten seconds. The combination of guaranteed delivery and rapid sending times are what Way2SMS the premier free platform in the country, and one of the most useful for businesses. Combined with the low price, the service allows you to delivery timely text messages to your customers without having to worry about delayed or bounced messages. They all get through.

Custom Language Options

India is a linguistically diverse country. Furthermore, not everyone speaks English. Both of these factors make SMS marketing a challenge. Businesses, however, can use their Way2sms login and choose options to customize messages in local languages. Currently, the platform enables you to convert messages into nine different languages. This feature allows local businesses to market more effectively to people who only speak the language of their area. Customers who don’t know English or any of the other major India languages can still benefit.

Create A Preferred Sender ID

One of the issues with sending people text messages is trust. Sending customers messages from a regular mobile number is possible, but not the ideal solution. Customers are much more likely to trust marketing messages that come from personalized sender IDs.

By using their way to sms login, businesses can customize their sender ID and turn it into a powerful branding tool. Way2sms offers a six-figure numeric sender ID option for promotional messages and a 6-alpha ID for transactional messages. The service makes it easy to adjust your sender ID to reflect your brand or promotional campaign, giving you options to get customers buzzing as well as reinforce your legitimacy. People are much more likely to trust brand messages from specialist numbers than they are a personal mobile device.

Tracking And Reporting Features

One of the reasons that digital marketing is so successful is that it is easy to collect data and tinker with campaigns. You can start with a relatively lackluster campaign and transform it into something special using the insights you get from all the performance data you collect.

Way2sms wants to bring similar features to the bulk SMS messaging arena. The platform, therefore, offers a variety of tools that you can use to track your campaigns and test their performance. Granted, these tools are relatively rudimentary compared to the sort you can get online, but they do help. You can get Excel support reports to see things like open rates, and you can also see the effectiveness of your campaign.

Campaign Scheduling

Nobody wants to access their Way2sms login and then just sit there for hours, waiting for the opportune moment to deliver marketing messages. It’s much better to organize the schedule of a campaign in advance and then just let the software do the rest without you having to worry about it. You’d prefer Way2sms to carry out your instructions automatically once you’ve specified the parameters.

One of the benefits of the service is that you can get it to do a lot of the leg work for you. The software allows you to schedule campaigns for future dates, negating the need for you to send out messages at the appropriate time manually. It’s very much “set and forget” - the platform does most of the work for you.

Again, Way2sms is trying to offer the kind of features that you’d get with a social media management tool. Many of these tools enable you to schedule when you’ll post updates on your social media accounts without you having to go through the rigmarole yourself. It’s the same concept here, except this time with SMS messages.

Real-Time Customer Support

Organizing an SMS marketing campaign can be tricky. But with excellent customer support, businesses that use India’s premier free SMS platform can solve their problems. The company provides business user account holders with a variety of customer service options and support, including telephone and email. You can call the operator, and they will give you a real person you can speak with about whatever issue you’re having.

API Integration And Support

Businesses don’t want to operate multiple, disjointed sales, marketing, and CRM solutions. It would be much better if they could all fit inside the same platform to make life easier for staff.

Way2sms provides API support, meaning that you can integrate it with your existing sales and marketing software stack. The company says that with its API integrator, businesses can improve both communication and efficiency, boosting workflows. Integration allows you to plan your SMS marketing campaigns in conjunction with email or other channels through a single suite of tools.

Create A List Of Contacts

One of the trickiest aspects of SMS marketing is creating a list of contacts beforehand. Before you can send out any messages, you need a list of names and numbers. Typing these into the platform after Way2sms login would be time-consuming, so the platform gives you several ways to create your lists.

You can, if necessary, manually enter them by hand. But you can also upload your contact lists from Excel, cutting and pasting it into the system instantly, without the need for any manual entry at all. This feature dramatically reduces set up time and makes it easy for you to get started. You can also segregate lists based on the campaign. So, for instance, you might have one group of customers who could benefit from your consumer-facing services and another SMS campaign for businesses. The platform allows to you add and edit your lists at any time.

Manage Your Budget

Businesses have limited marketing budgets. No matter how cost-effective a particular marketing method might be, there’s still a need to rein in spending from time to time to ensure that costs do not spiral out of control.

Way2sms wants to keep customers using its platform long term. For this reason, the company provides users with tools to limit their spending and keep costs down. The company says that it offers support to businesses to set their campaign budget and will work with them to stick with it. It sees budget management as an essential part of its service and wants to prevent customers from going to rival SMS sending firms which offer more predictable price plans.

The service is surprisingly customer-friendly for a business-focused operation. There is no contract, even for heavy business usage, and there are no cancellation fees. You’re free to use another service whenever you like.

Get Campaign Guidance

Creating a bulk SMS marketing campaign is by no means easy. First, you have to decide on your target audience, then think about the kind of marketing that would benefit them. And all that’s before you’ve even created your message.

Way2sms has thought about this a lot and provides a kind of wizard that makes it easy for customers to create and send campaigns. It compartmentalizes each step in the process, allowing a rank beginner to construct a compelling SMS campaign. It’s intuitive and straightforward, and part of the reason why the platform remains so popular today.

The platform also offers what it calls “highly precise targeting.” In other words, you’re able to quickly and easily target various demographic groups with your marketing messages. You can segregate message-sending by customer age, gender, level of qualification, and many other factors. The tool makes it easy for you to target those individuals who are most likely to buy from you, helping you avoid wasting money on dud messages.

The flat fee of the platform helps to create discipline. You want to make each message count because you’re paying for each. There are no bulk discounts for business users. It costs the same to send the ten-thousandth message as it does the tenth.

Does Way2sms Offer Voice SMS?

While bulk SMS might be the preferred service, Way2sms also offers voice SMS, using its text-to-speech engine. The company uses powerful software trained in a variety of languages to translate the text you write into verbal communications with customers.

The idea is simple and could provide business customers with a host of advantages. One of the benefits for small firms, for instance, is the fact that they no longer have to hire potentially expensive translators and voice actors to create voice messages. Instead, they type the text that they would like to send, and then get a computer to translate it costlessly into multiple Indian languages. The company can then use its way2sms free login to send clear messages out to customers just as quickly as text.

The reasons for choosing audible messages are quite clear.

  • Send longer messages. You’re limited to how much you can say in text, but not so much in voice messages. You can communicate a vast amount of information via voice in less than 30 seconds.
  • Communicate with those with disabilities. Voice messages can be great for people who cannot see or who have limitations, which prevent them from reading text messages on a screen.
  • Market to people who do not have reading skills. Not all people have the reading skills that they need to take advantage of your marketing messages. A voice SMS helps to communicate your messages in a way that your customers can understand.

The good thing about Way2sms’s voice SMS service is that it comes with many of the benefits of its text service.

  • Voice delivery is near-instant
  • You can incorporate voice delivery into your existing API
  • Voice SMS comes with a similar campaign creation tool which makes it easy to set up
  • You get the same level of customer support
  • The service comes with tracking and reports you can use to judge your performance
  • You can upload and send pre-recorded files
  • You can send large volumes of text-to-speech messages in a single operation

How Popular Is Way2SMS?

Way2sms is a surprisingly popular platform and one of the largest of its kind in the world. While it’s pushing the business side of its operations, the consumer side of what it does is highly developed. The company currently has more than 50 million registered users across 120 counties. It’s among India’s top fifty sites, and more than 15,000 new people join the platform every day.


Part of the appeal of the product has been its pricing. Regular private customers get three free messages per day, which explains part of the appeal of the platform.

Business pricing is straightforward too. You pay the flat 20 paise per message as discussed, and then pay extra for any additional targeting services.

Way2sms adjusts its pricing on its “promote account” based on how precisely you want to target your messages. The company knows that the better you can target your SMS, the more valuable each message is to you. It, therefore, charges more per message.

You’ll pay between 30 and 80 paise per message, depending on the level of targeting and the amount of legwork that the company has to do behind the scenes. You’ll pay more for targeting based on skils, work title, education, and interests, as this information is more difficult to source.

The pricing for voice campaigns is different again.

Businesses pay a flat fee of 45 paise per call, which includes taxes.

Again, you’ll pay more per call if you want to target your outreach. Prices for calls range from 50 paise to 1.50Rs, depending on how specific you are.

Way2sms considers calls under 29 seconds to be a single call. Longer than that and it’ll charge you for two or more separate calls.

Who Can Benefit From Way2sms?

The businesses who stand to benefit most from Way2sms are those who want to target people in India who do not have access to the internet and who do not speak the mainstream languages. The platform provides companies with a suite of powerful and cost- effective marketing tools that they can use to target their audiences in new ways. For small businesses, it’s something of a godsend, making contact with difficult-to-reach markets much more straightforward.

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