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How to Implement Ringless Voicemail Into Your Business

Interested in implementing Ringless Voicemail Drops into your business? In this article you will learn everything you need to know about ringless voicemail starting with a brief background on the technology, implementation instructions for your business, guidelines to leaving a successful voicemail, how to pair ringless voicemail technology with outside platforms, and measuring your success.

What is Ringless Voicemail Technology?

Ringless voicemail is unique, cloud base, software system allowing users to send pre-recorded messages directly to individuals, mobile devices, and landlines. Drop Cowboy provides you the ability to send traditional ringless voicemail along with our industry exclusive system True Ringless voicemail drops.

Traditional Ringless Voicemail

A method of delivering messages to mobile and landline voicemails, this typically appears as a missed call and voicemail to most devices. Missed call alerts are caused by the telephone carrier’s signaling mechanism triggering the answering machine to pick up.

True Ringless Voicemail Drops

A method of delivering messages to mobile devices without ever ringing the phone. Drop Cowboy partnered with select carriers to allow our servers to communicate together giving you the ability to leave a True Ringless Voicemail Drop.

Implementing Ringless Voicemail For Your Business

Ringless voicemail marketing can be implemented into every business. We are going to go over a few of the most common implementations along with some out-of-the-box ways you can use this popular technology.

Lead generation is by the far the most popular utilization of ring less voicemail drops. More often than not, companies use traditional direct to voicemail services for these purposes because of “Missed Call” callback opportunity that this method generates with the target contact. The contact can simply hit their “call back” button on their phone to return your call. Customers have reported a call back conversation ratio as high as 20% from contacts either returning their “missed call” or straight up hot leads that have listened to your message.

Answering "Missed Call" Callbacks

Ringless voicemail has a huge advantage in today’s market where most people a weary of telemarketers when they answer their phone; if they answer it at all. Because no call is actually placed, you skip past this defensive posture of most contacts, and deliver your message directly. We’ve noticed that when consumers see a “Missed Call”, and they call you back, their demeanor is completely changed and much more receptive to hearing the reason for your “call”. Below is quick glance of how “missed call” callbacks transpire:

Consumer: “Ummm, hello, I received a missed call from this number?”

Agent : “Yes Jessica. I was actually calling to see if your still in the real estate industry.”

Consumer: “Yes I am. How can I help you?”

Agent : “Well Jessica, I am actually not in the market to buy, reason for my call is to see if we can discuss our powerful real estate lead generation software.”

…conversation continues…

By using this method for lead generation, the customer calling back has a completely different attitude in regards to your sales pitch and is vastly more receptive compared to traditional telemarketing.

Implementing True Ringless Voicemail For Your Business

True Ringless Voicemail is a brand new technology designed and operated solely by Drop Cowboy. It was built with intentions on being the only truly ringless voicemail solution on the market. Since this technology does not rely on traditional phone signaling networks but instead relies on server-to-server communication directly with select carriers in the United States, there is no opportunity for the phone to ring. This low-cost method of broadcasting voicemail is ideal for situations where you don’t need your recipients to see a “missed call”.

Companies are implementing the True Ringless method for various purposes such as:

Guide To Recording Effective Voicemail Messages

This task might seem very simple on the surface but recording an effective voicemail message is absolutely the key to your success. It’s why you’re reading this after-all. Through our own personal experience, our own trial-and-error and that of other Drop Cowboy customers we have put together a guide for you to use in your own voicemail drop campaigns. The most effective voicemail message, from our experience, goes a little something like this…

The Most Effective Voicemail Script

Hello my name is [Your Name] with [Company Name]
The reason for my call is [Your Reason].
I'd like to set a time to talk to you about [Benefit to call you back].
You can reach me at [Phone Number].
I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day. Bye.

Not only does this voicemail message meet federal sales regulations, research has shown that when you leave a straight forward, to the point message, your response rate is significantly higher. Most humans have a very short attention span. Leaving a lengthy message in great detail usually results in failure.

Voicemail Tips

Here are a few tips to think about when recording your voicemail.

  • Add a personal touch. Consumers are turned-off if they think your sending a message to thousands of people.
  • Voicemails should be straight forward and under 15 seconds. Leave the sales pitch for when the consumer calls you back.
  • Offer clear, to the point, value of why someone should call you back.
  • Speak with confidence

Pairing Ringless Voicemail with Outside Technology

Drop Cowboy is a powerful tool within itself but when combined with other technologies; its effectiveness is without equal. Here are a couple of ways for to increase success and streamline your sales process.


  • Be Ready – Your ringless voicemail campaign has the potential to generate a large number of return calls within a few minutes. Be at your computer, ready to receive those calls!
  • Dialer – When setting up your ringless voicemail marketing campaign, load that same contact list into a dialing platform. When customers call back in response to your ringless voicemail blast, their number and contact info will show up in the dialer allowing instant knowledge of to whom you are speaking. This technique is massively effective in achieving high conversion rates and ensuring a much better conversation as the person calling you will not think your mass broadcasting your message.
  • Drip Rate – Since ringless voicemail technology provides you with such high conversion rates and can generate a significant return call volume, we suggest sending out 100-150 voicemail messages per hour/per agent. This will allow calls to trickle in as opposed to hundreds of people calling back and you're not being able to answer them all. Adjust your drip rate as needed depending on the quality of your contact list.
  • CRM – If you don't have the means to acquire a dialer, we suggest to get a basic CRM system. Many CRMs on the market are FREE to start. We recommend Zoho CRM which is affordable and easy to get started with. Loading the same contact list as your voicemail campaign into your CRM will allow you to quickly type in their phone number upon call back and have all their data on the screen.
  • IVR – Setting up and IVR system for callbacks will increase your level of professionalism when customers call back.
  • SMS – Pairing Drop Cowboy with text messaging platforms will allow your contacts to directly respond to your voicemail via text message. General industry consensus is that once the consumer initiates a text message to you, then you may respond to that text message without requiring opt-in from the consumer. This is a great feature considering the extremely stringent laws regarding opting in to text messaging. When customers text you first this opens the gateway for you to legally proceed. The usual caveats apply – we’re not lawyers and SMS related TCPA complaints are high litigated. Please talk to your legal counsel for legal advice in this area.

We hope you enjoyed our brief overview on how to implement ringless voicemail technology with in your business. We are growing rapidly and would love to hear how you implement our services into your day-to-day routines. Please share this article, let us know your success stories, and sign up for Drop Cowboy today, its FREE!

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