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Streamline your calls with Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail and Text Marketing

Is your real estate website losing leads every month? Are you struggling to understand why you’re not reaching your targets? If so, you need a powerful software solution that will help you to get more page 1 ranking and greater leads along the way. This is exactly what you have with Carrot. Every month, Carrot members pull in tens of thousands of phone leads, as well as over 60,000 online opt-in leads. If you want to make sure your business is capitalizing on leads like this, read on to discover everything that you need to know about Carrot.

The #1 online lead generation system for those in the real estate industry

Carrot has been designed for real estate professionals who are serious about generating a bigger number of online inbound leads. Carrot members are currently controlling a huge number of page 1 Google rankings, and so you may be wondering how they have been able to achieve this. Well, there are a number of reasons why this is the case. Of course, the diverse range of industry-leading inbound marketing tools are a good starting point. They help you rank highly on both mobile and web devices, and to do so with ease. However, that’s not all. There are also training programs that are exclusive to active investor and agent Carrot members, as well as hands-on support and expert coaching. Basically, you are going to have everything you need to get the job done with Carrot.

What can you expect from Carrot?

There are a number of different features and services you will be able to make the most of if you join up to Carrot, so let’s delve a bit deeper into them.

  • Expert training - There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that you will have expert training on hand in order to help you maximize your marketing efforts. The problem with a lot of platforms today is that they simply give you the tools but they don’t give you the knowledge to use them effectively. This is not something you need to worry about with Carrot. At Carrot, they want to help you drive traffic and increase conversions. This is why there are so many different training solutions when it comes to everything from PPC to Facebook and Craigslist. You will have everything that you need to excel.
  • Create websites that look great but convert as well - There are so many websites out there today that look amazing but they do not convert. This is because while the design has been considered, there has been no thought for conversion optimization. When you design a website with Carrot, all boxes are ticked, resulting in a website with perfect balance.
  • Powerful yet simple lead management - They say the best things in life are simple, right? That’s definitely the case with our lead management system. It is simple to use but it delivers incredible results. We will always give you the greatest chance of closing the deal when it comes to an online lead, as we will provide text message notifications, ensuring you are always informed. Moreover, you will be able to structure all of your leads based on their status. You can do this with ease via the dashboard. There are not any other tools that are needed. However, should you want to integrate your own CRM, you can do this as well.
  • The best support you will find - Aside from the benefits that have already been discussed, another reason why Carrot has become the number one choice for real estate professionals is because you will benefit from world-class support. If you ever have any queries regarding our services or how to make your website perform better, we are always ready and waiting to give you a helping hand. All you need to do is pick up the phone or use the live chat feature and we will be more than happy to assist you.
  • Numerous landing pages - If you operate in a number of different markets, Carrot can also support you with this. Using the software, you are going to be able to create a number of different landing pages on the same site that has been built to rank in the search engine result pages for the market you are aiming at. This means you do not have to try and maintain a number of domains, as you do not have numerous websites for various markets. This makes life a lot easier!
  • Improved mobile conversions - With more than half of the leads on Carrot coming from tablets and mobile phones, Carrot websites have been designed so that they look great on mobile and they work great on mobile. However, that is not all. When compared with competitors, there is no denying that Carrot leads the way in terms of driving more leads and more conversions. In fact, after making the switch to Carrot, a lot of people have reported that their conversions have increased by 100 percent.
  • Automated content marketing - The power of content marketing in the current day and age is something that certainly should not be ignored. Content is king, as they say! Not only will Carrot be able to code your site’s backend so that it ranks well in Google, but they are also going to give you a really simple guide in terms of placing keywords. You can also benefit from monthly content packs too. This means that you are going to have everything you need to publish on your website. You will have an automatically higher chance of ranking in Google as well, which means you will passively pull in more leads.

What about pricing?

You are probably expecting Carrot to cost a fortune considering all that it offers. However, you will be pleased to know that this is not the case. In fact, the company is so confident about the service that they provide that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy with the service, you can get a refund. They also offer you a way to save money on your plan. You can switch to annual billing and you will get a massive 20 percent discount. If that was not enough, they also have a number of different plans available, meaning you can find the right plan for your budget and needs. We will explain more about these below…

There are plans for real estate investors and real estate agents. We will begin by taking a look at the real estate investor plans. With this plan, you have three different packages to choose from. The first is the Core plan, which is for real estate investors who are only looking for the basics. This costs $49 per month. It is for those who want to create a website that converts without all of the weekly coaching calls and marketing tools. So, you get the Visual Editor, as well as two campaign tracking links, outstanding live chat and email support, Carrot Lead Manager, and one high converting website.

Next, there is the Content Pro package. This costs $99 per month. It offers SEO tools and content marketing for any real estate professional that wants to stand out. As well as everything that was discussed in the former package, you will get an automated blog library, video post, group coaching calls, and three high converting websites. You also get 15 campaign tracking links and you can track three SEO rankings per site.

Finally, there is the Advanced Marketer Package, which usually costs $199 per month, but is currently being offered at $149 per month. You get everything that was mentioned above, yet you can track 20 SEO rankings per site instead of three. You also benefit from a premium automated blog library, phone support, access to premium site designs, 1:1 marketing strategy reviews, and dedicated onboarding specialists. If that was not enough, you also get 10 percent off qualifying in-house services.

If you want to sign up as a real estate professional, the two choices that are available to you are the Content Pro package and the Advanced Marketer package. These packages are suitable for both investors and real estate professionals. They give you all of the tools that you require to see your link building and conversion strategy go to the next level. Plus, you are constantly learning thanks to the different training and support options that are available.

So there you have it; everything that you need to know about Carrot and why it is such a popular investment platform today. If you are looking to attract more leads and to enhance the conversion rates for your real estate business, this is the marketing platform that you need.

Powerful Virtual Phone System
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Auto Dialer
  • Toll-Free & Local Numbers
  • Cloud IVR
  • Call Tracking
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Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

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