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For real estate investors and wholesalers, time is always of the essence. Time that you spend chasing down leads, speaking to wavering sellers and interested buyers, and checking out properties - among other things - is time that you’re not going to spend closing deals and preparing the next purchase or sale. That’s why it will always be beneficial to have assistance from technology when it comes to doing all of the above - technology that never stops learning and which is always working on how to help you. ReiRail is Max Maxwell’s solution to the dilemma of what you need to be doing, when. A smart RVM platform with endless additional capabilities, this is the ideal product for investors looking to close deals quickly and use their time with maximum efficiency. Once you’ve got Rei Rail in your corner, you can be confident of not wasting another minute doing thankless prep work when you could be maximizing your portfolio.

Tells you who is calling, provides information

Thanks to a revolutionary Deep Trace technology that performs an automatic and extensive skip trace whenever your phone rings, ReiRail puts all the information in your hands when you need it. Before you even speak to the caller you can have all of the vital information that helps you close the deal. Say goodbye to fumbled opportunities - this technology has led to ReiRail users closing between three and five more deals than users of other software. When you have the right information, you’re automatically on the front foot before you’ve even said “Hello”.

Ringless voicemail drop system

You don’t need to be spending your time ringing around potential leads, hoping they’ll answer and marking down which ones you need to come back to. With Rei Rail’s ringless voicemail drop system, you won’t have to! Pre-record, and drop your voicemails to prospects at a pre-planned time. You don’t even need to find those prospects yourself - the system does that for you, ensuring you spend your time on the bits of the job you’re best at. This is the most powerful, and most user-friendly, voicemail drop system you’ll ever use - and the only one you need!

Full Skip Traces in 5 minutes or less!

As a user of this service, you can feel confident in having the best, most up-to-date information to hand whenever you need it thanks to the revolutionary Skip Trace engine that you’ll have access to. This is the most complete, fastest, easiest and most detailed skip tracing you could possibly hope for, and you don’t need to wrestle with niggling details like templates. All the data you need, at your fingertips and working for you - within minutes, where some people still need days to lay their hands on the same information.

Landing Pages that don’t just look pretty

Thanks to ReiRail, every part of your website can work for you rather than just looking the part. They’re put together with data capture and conversion in mind, designed to grab the attention of potential leads and a lot more besides. If a seller leaves any lead on your landing pages, they spring to life, pulling in all the information you need to turn a prospect into a close. These are landing pages that are ready to plug and play, SEO and PPC-ready. If you do want to make any changes to them - not that you’ll need to - it’s as easy as ABC. Perhaps best of all, you get a “https” secure web address, which makes you royalty in Google’s eyes!

List Management

Whether it’s a short, bespoke list or a list as long as your arm, managing it properly is essential, and much easier when you’re a Rei Rail user. You don’t have to wrestle with Excel anymore - ReiRail was put together by people who know how painful that can be, and have done the hard work for you when it comes to merging your lists - just follow the instructions they give you and watch the software do the tough stuff for you.

Make Faster Offers with our managed communication system

Gone are the days of scrambling around for contact details and finding the best way to reach your leads, with the trial and error of calls and SMS before you so much as heard a reply. An integrated communication system lets you find your prospects where they are, and get them to a point where you can make them an offer all the quicker. With multiple ways to contact them and a wealth of information at your fingertips, you can rely on ReiRail’s in-depth research to give you what you need. You’re in command from the word go!

Dashboard analyses what’s working

Rei Rail offers a dashboard system which offers you the statistical analysis you need - whichever information you’re trying to get to, you will find it here. All of your calls are tracked and recorded, allowing you to review your strategies at a glance, see what works and what doesn’t, and do more of the things that are effective. All of the information is presented to you in a way that is easy to understand and easier to interpret. It’s an analytical gift to any bulk buyer.

Follow-up reminders that let you keep up with your leads

Not all leads are going to be closed as simply as you’d wish, which makes assiduous following-up a vitally important part of the process. ReiRail allows you to set reminders for a follow-up and include the salient information. Close to the date and time of your follow-up call, you’ll be alerted by the system and when the time comes to make that call, you’ll know who you’re following-up with, what the property is and what you can tell them now to make sure you can close. If a lead wants you to call back in a month’s time, or needs time to make some repairs, you can log that information and script out your callback.

AI for better conversations

All of your callers, and every caller who comes on to the ReiRail system, can be analysed using advanced AI technology that leverages self-learning. With millions of calls made through the system, Rei Rail develops insights into the conversations you need to be having more of, and uses an algorithm to highlight the best prospects for you. This goes far beyond any RVM you’ve used before, applying technology to make your calling more efficient with every call.

Advanced Search tools

Contact management doesn’t need to be a chore; this software makes it simpler than ever by allowing you to upload your contacts and easily search them to see which properties they are connected to. If you have a contact who is not attached to any property at present, the system makes it easy to a record and keep things up to date. Not only does ReiRail organize your contacts, it learns how to present them to you in the most efficient way.

Information on millions of properties

You’ll have access to the richest imaginable database, delivering screeds of information on millions of homes across the United States. From lot size to year of build, from valuation to number of bedrooms and tonnes of information peeled from realty sites, the moment a seller contacts you or adds a lead to your landing page, you’ll have all the information you could possibly need on the property concerned. No more long searches to find vital information as you seek to close a lead; this software does all the work for you on that front!

Fresh designs weekly, see what works

Smart RVM and tracking software - if it truly is smart - never stops learning and never stops trying new things to see what works best. Every week, ReiRail adds new landing pages and new designs that let you change your site’s appearance at the click of a mouse. You can check at a glance what works best for you, keep what you like and change what you don’t. You don’t want the same cookie-cutter look as every other site out there, so you can rely on these expert designers to create high-quality landing pages that are made to convert.

Easy tracking and dynamic Google/Facebook marketing campaigns

It’s been proven time and again that small details can change everything when it comes to digital marketing, so ReiRail makes it easy to follow how your online campaigns are working and how to make the necessary changes if they are not. Before you even start advertising on Google or Facebook, we help you put together the best possible campaign. If you find that what you have put together isn’t working, then you can always give us a call; we have a team that has specialized on this very process and can help with any questions you may have.

To put it as simply as possible, ReiRail revolutionizes how you buy houses, and ensures that you spend your time productively. You don’t need to worry about the smaller details, because they’ll all be covered - all you need to focus on is closing those deals.

Powerful Virtual Phone System
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Auto Dialer
  • Toll-Free & Local Numbers
  • Cloud IVR
  • Call Tracking
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Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

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