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How The IVR System Helps Businesses Look Professional To Prospective Callers

Drop Cowboy created an IVR system (interactive voice response) that ensures inbound callers have a smoother user experience and directs calls to the right department. Includeing a 1 800 number or local number with your IVR will boost the professionalism of your small business phone system.

A Look At IVR Meaning (Interactive Voice Response)

A hosted IVR technology is a self-service system that will greet callers and direct them to the department they want to speak to.

How Does The IVR System Work?

Callers, when they call your business using its 800 number or local number, are given a series of prompts. When they key in a particular entry, they are then directed to the department they want to speak with.

Should You Use Ringless Voicemail Drops with IVR?

Drop Cowboys has come up with a direct to voicemail system to ensure inbound calls are directed to your business. It’s important that your company is ready for a high call volume. After all, any weakness can signal to prospective customers/clients that you are unprofessional and can hinder you from making money. It’s why you need to set up a local number and call forwarding system, so calls are routed to your mobile device.

How To Set Up Your Own IVR Solution?

Before your marketing campaign is put into action, you need to set up the voice response system to handle the inbound calls. This means you need to do the following:

Get a toll free number or local DNIS

Develop some inbound call rules.

A.When inbound call received

Then Say:


Forward To:

“ Hello you have called Grashopper for Sales Press 1, for Support Press 2 if you know your party's extension key it in now.”

B.When Keypress 1

Then Say:


Forward To: 480-888-8989

C. When Keypress 2

Then Say:


Forward To: 480-888-8989

D. When No Keypress

Then Say:

Hang Up:

Small businesses can use the Drop Cowboys IVR solutions to come across as big and professional as any large-sized company, streamlining calls easily and effortlessly.

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