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Ringless Voicemail for Wholesale Real Estate

If you’re an investor or entrepreneur seeking the next opportunity, the world of property investment will naturally seem very attractive due to the winning combination of low risk and lucrative prospects. While the entire sector is bursting with possibilities, the concept of wholesale real estate is one that appeals more than most.

Whether you’re new to the field of wholesale real estate investments or boast vast experience in dealing with wholesale properties, perfecting your strategies is vital. When used correctly, ringless voicemail can become one of the most important weapons in your arsenal. Here’s everything you need to know about its implementation in conjunction with wholesaling houses.

A Brief Look At Wholesale Real Estate?

Being a property developer, landlord, or real estate investor appeals for many reasons – not least because your actions can directly improve the lives of future tenants and homeowners. Let’s face it, though, the main goal will always revolve around generating profits. This is the case with any investment, and your housing activities shouldn’t be any different.

While all property investments are geared towards making money, the concept of wholesaling houses is one that focuses on immediate results with very low risks. The fundamental premise is quite simple: the wholesaler (you) buys wholesale houses (usually in poor condition) at well under the market value before quickly selling them on for easy profits. In some ways, then, wholesale realtors are almost like a middleman/woman, serving as an agent between a current property owner and the end buyer.

An alternative to buying houses outright is to secure contracts on properties. Once again, the deals will be struck at a lower price to provide the investor with an opportunity to sell for quick profits. This flexibility is something that many wholesale realtors thrive upon, but it does mean that they have to act fast as the original sellers are only willing to take the low sale prices due to their own needs to finalize things quickly.

Despite the similarities between real estate wholesaling and real estate brokering, the intent to place a property under contract before selling it on quickly is perfectly legal in most territories – although it’s always worth confirming this with local authorities.

Being able to sell the property on quickly is the main aim of anyone in this field. Therefore, building a strong network of prospective buyers is undoubtedly one of the most important items on any wholesale real estate investor's agenda. Upon establishing that healthy list of potentially interested investors and homeowners, the next step is to generate leads by informing them about the properties you have to sell in an engaging manner. Marketing is your greatest skill, and ringless voicemail can be your greatest tool.

What Exactly Is Ringless Voicemail?

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Ringless voicemail is a lead generation tool that can be used as a significant part of your marketing strategies. Quite simply, it is a mechanism that delivers voicemails directly to a prospective client’s cell phone or home telephone inbox without ever needing to disturb them.

Instead, the automated message will be delivered directly to the phone’s voicemail inbox ready for the client to pick up at a time that’s convenient for them. In this sense, it shares many properties with promotional email newsletters, but with a whole range of additional benefits.

This method is made possible due to the implementation of advanced direct-to-voicemail technology that bypasses the traditional dial, which could easily result in rejection. The primary function of utilizing this tool is to generate callbacks. As a real estate wholesaler, those callbacks are your opportunity to further promote the investment opportunities presented by your portfolio of properties.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ringless Voicemail?

Before adopting any marketing tool or strategy, it’s important to understand the reasons for doing so. Otherwise, investing time and money into an idea that won’t generate the right returns could cause major disruptions in your bid to make significant profits.

The use of ringless voicemail is a very popular method amongst the smartest marketing teams while the fact that it’s less common than some alternative options can lead to greater response levels too. Here are just some of the reasons to love it:

#1. Non-obtrusive tech

Annoying prospective clients is the last thing you want to do when promoting a product or service as it could potentially cost you a sale before you’ve even had the opportunity to spread the message. Interrupting someone’s day through traditional calling (or other forms of obtrusive marketing) is unlikely to generate a positive response, which is why ringless voicemail is so useful.

Leaving a message in their voicemail allows the user to listen at a time that’s convenient to them, before making a calculated decision on whether to call you back. If they do, that’s great! If they don’t, at least you can rest easily knowing you’ve caused no major disruption to their day.

#2. High success rates

Voicemail messages allow you to discuss the proposal with far greater clarity while it’s also a lot easier to keep hold of a user’s attention for 30 seconds via dialogue rather than asking them to read a long email or letter. The recipients can also make a decision on whether they deem you to be trustworthy. As long as you present the message in a strong way, you’ll see great results.

Moreover, a healthy percentage of callbacks will lead to sales as this gives you the opportunity to display the personal touch. When dealing with real estate houses, even a 0.1% success ratio should be enough to close the transactions and generate some serious profits from your investments.

#3. Cost and time efficiency

Time and money are the two most valuable resources at your disposal, especially in this arena. You need to sell those wholesale properties quickly. Traditional mail is slow while users may not check their emails for several days either. Voicemail will usually get listened to within 24 hours while callbacks from interested parties often come straight away. This lets you get down to business ASAP.

The cost-efficiency is particularly strong too as it only costs a few cents per voicemail left while you only get charged for successfully delivered messages. When combined with the fact that automation allows you to send lots of messages without wasting time, ringless voicemail is a winner.

Ringless Voicemail Benefits

How Can Ringless Voicemail Be Used In Wholesale Real Estate?

Ringless voicemail is a tool that can be used by investors, entrepreneurs, and marketing teams across various industries. However, the speed and success ratios establish its place as a particularly good option for real estate wholesalers. The next question, however, revolves around the best methods of implementation.

Ringless voicemails can be left to anybody in your contact list. Whether they’ve signed up to your website, conducted business with you in the past, or merely shown an interest at a networking event doesn’t matter. Similarly, it’s possible to target investors and homeowners alike while the right software allows you to split your contact list accordingly. This way, one message can be sent to Group A while another is sent to Group B.

As for the type of message that’s delivered, there are two main options that are shown to secure the best results when wholesaling houses. They are:

General Promotion

If you have several properties under contract, it may be worth leaving a ringless voicemail message that simply tells the recipient that you have the perfect investment for them. You can be a little vague here regarding property types to focus primarily on how much money they can make. That’s sure to spark interest while you can discuss individual properties once they call back.

The message should be concise and engaging while you may also want to promote success stories, such as how much other clients have made on the back of using your service.

Promoting A Specific Property

Alternatively, you can promote the house or property that you are desperate to sell ASAP. This is where you can leave a voicemail message that details location, size, and even price. Of course, you want to suggest a price that appeals, but do leave yourself a little room for negotiation. You can also promote the expected timeframes.

You can also create a separate message group for homeowners that could potentially be looking for something a little bigger that offers some DIY opportunities in the process. Still, investors are likely to be the main target.

Interested To Discover More?

By now, it should be clear to see the reasons for adopting ringless voicemail as a part of the wholesale real estate marketing strategy. However, it’s imperative that you select a trustworthy and reliable provider that can deliver great results time and time again. Drop Cowboy is the ultimate solution.

Our easy-to-use voicemail recording and sending service allows you to reach your entire contact list quickly and in a cost-efficient fashion while the versatility of our service allows you to drop different messages to varying groups. With detailed reporting, global delivery, the ability to retry failed numbers, and response rates of up to 20%, this is a true game- changer.

Learn more today by calling +1 (307) 655 7586 or emailing info@dropcowboy.com.

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