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When you are searching for new ways to reach your target audience, you should make sure that you are considering text messaging. Text messaging provides you with a unique way to connect with your target audience like never before and gain significant results. At Drop Cowboy, we are ready to show you how to do this effectively.

With a 98% open rate, there is no reason why this shouldn’t be at the forefront of your marketing campaign. As well as this nearly 80% of consumers are using text for business. This is a strong level of conversions and a fantastic opportunity to gain more interest from your target base.

At Drop Cowboy, we have helped countless companies just like yours find and unlock the potential here. We have software that makes the process simple, rapid and effective. You will be able to use our service to constantly shape and rebuild your campaign to ensure that it delivers the results that you need. You won’t believe the power of the marketing campaign available here and this is largely due to our text to landline services.

Are you wondering how to text a landline? With our solution, you will be able to make sure that you can receive or send text messages by utilizing a phone number that you already have.

Our text to landline solution provides a range of benefits that you definitely don’t want to miss. Customers love it with 77% reflecting positively on the experience they have had with this promotion. While 90% of customers want to hear from you through this type of solution.

Text to landline services ensures that you will be able to connect with your customers at their convenience. This expands the reach beyond typical business hours and ensures that when a customer is ready to take a call, you’ll be ready too. The other benefit is that it’s not going to impact your current voice service and with our services, it can be free!

How Does It Work?

You might be wondering what happens when you send a text to a landline. Well, first, let’s explore a crucial stat. 150 million texts are sent to users that aren’t on mobile phones every day. So, you’re definitely not the first business to jump on board this idea. However, you can still gain the benefits of doing so. There are a massive variety of ways to use this option too.

For instance, you can think about utilizing it for sales enquiries. Alternatively, you might want to think about connecting to members of your audience that are high-value prospects. It’s all possible with text to landline services.

You might be worried about where to begin. Well, we’ll show you how to use our text to landline free service effectively to garner the results that you want. We can ensure that you do connect with your target audience in a way that is effective and ensures results.

At Drop Cowboy, we are leaders in this solution and we will always be able to provide you with expert advice and support to make the most of this solution. Indeed, with our solution, you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

Landline Text Messages Explained

With a text to landline solution, you will be able to make sure that texts can be received through a business landline that has already been set up. This means that you don’t need specialist equipment or any other form of investment. All you need is the right service and that’s exactly what we provide.

Will it work for your business? Well, we’re pleased to say that this is a completely versatile solution. As such, it would be far quicker to list the types of industries that it won’t work for rather than the types it will. Real estate, hospitality, retail, non-profits and many more could all benefit from this type of set up.

Since there’s no need to worry about issues with additional tech or equipment it’s also cheap. Indeed at Drop Cowboy, it’s free so you don’t have to worry about it not matching your budget. We guarantee that it will. There’s no tech knowledge necessary to make this work either. So, regardless of your set up or level of expertise, you will benefit.

Key Advantages

There are huge benefits of implementing a text to landline system into your business model.

Immediate success - With our solution you are going to see results immediately with no set up required. This means that you don’t need to worry about it taking awhile for you to start to gain the results you want. It’s close to instant. We also provide unlimited levels of support to ensure that you are always on target to make your goals.

Safe and secure - We know that safety is a top priority these days. You need to make sure that communications are protected. It’s crucial that data from these interactions do not fall into the wrong hands. With a text to landline service, you can keep information encrypted, guaranteeing that there’s no need to worry about issues here.

Growth And Efficiency - With this text to landline services you are providing customers with the chance to connect with your business whenever they need to. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about issues with your business not being as accessible as it should be for your key audience. Furthermore, with an automated and rapid system, you can save time for your staff. This is going to allow them to focus on core processes related to business growth while continuing to deliver an effective service.

What Will You Gain?

There are a variety of ways to gain from a text to landline solution. You might think customers prefer to interact with agents over the phone. However, studies show that this just isn’t the case. The reality is that they want communications and interactions with your company to be more rapid and deliver the results they need.

This is particularly true if they can’t connect with your business on their schedule and instead need to follow yours. Not providing the right level of flexibility is a sure-fire way to lose interest from your consumer base.

Customers want to be able to connect with you on their terms and gain the information they need on a product or service immediately.

Other advantages of text to landline solutions include bringing more business to your company. This ensures that customers can access your business whenever they need to. That’s going to guarantee you don’t miss customers because they couldn’t gain the information they wanted.

It’s also going to help you keep them in the loop. Customers want to be kept updated with the latest communications from your business. A system like this will allow you to ensure that they are always able to get the right info and avoid being put on hold. That’s going to lead to a higher level of satisfaction.

Ready To Get Started?

If you are interested in beginning to use this service, then you should explore our text message to landline app today. It’s simple to use and we are always on hand to answer any questions that you have.

We provide a completely flexible solution suitable for virtually any business model. So, regardless of your company goals, we encourage you to start using this service today and discover how it could benefit you.

A budget-friendly possibility, you can deliver the service that your customers demand and ensure that your company is more competitive than ever with our help.

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