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Nowadays, marketing companies have a whole host of means at their disposal when it comes to reaching out to the consumer market. Traditional methods of conveying messages, such as billboards, leaflets, and posters, all still prove highly effective and this is why major brands still engage with them and fork out for this advertising space. Ads can also be placed across the internet, making contact with the online generation via banners on web pages and hyperlinks within documents. But when it comes down to it, the best way to communicate with your customers is by opening up a dialogue. You can push messages to customers day in and day out, but opening up a means of direct conversation between your brand and them can really make all the difference and secure their interest and custom. Businesses aiming to achieve a good rapport with this customers tend to focus on customer service on a face-to-face basis. But never underestimate the efficacy of contacting your customers by phone. Sure, you may find that calling people up to advertise products or services could result in people putting the phone down on you almost immediately. But if you are able to get through to just a percentage of the people you call and highlight the benefits of your brand, you could generate an astounding number of sales in the long run. A key tool that you are likely to us in this process are phone carrier lookup tools. So, let’s take a moment to get to grips with them!

What Are Carrier Lookup Tools?

Put simply, carrier lookup tools allow you to easily extract information from phone numbers that customers may have provided you with. By using carrier lookup tools, you can analyse phone numbers, carry out phone number verification, and receive information regarding the phone’s network, line type, and caller name. You can also gain insight into caller types, porting history, and roamin status.

How to Use Carrier Lookup

When you use cell carrier lookup, you generally input a dialling code and the number that you want to use and click search. Information will then be drawn up. Some services will allow you to input and check multiple numbers at once through CSV files. If you have a huge list of numbers that you have acquired through a data collection campaign, you can put them all through the system much more quickly by employing this method.

Why Use Carrier Lookup Tools?

There are a whole host of benefits that come hand in hand with using carrier lookup tools.

  • You can reduce fraud by swerving spam accounts and numbers. This is essential when operating in an age where you are investing a lot of money into sending out marketing material - you don’t want to pay to send content to spam numbers!

  • You can also use cell phone carrier lookup tools to boost deliverability. By knowing the type of phone that people on your contact list are using, you can choose the optimum means of sending information - whether that might be iMessage, SMS, or MMS.

  • A third major reason that businesses tend to make use of carrier lookup tools is providing a custom or tailored experience. If you know the name of the person who has signed their number up for marketing, you can personalise marketing material and tailor it to suit them and their needs!

What Numbers Can You Look Up?

Generally, carrier lookup is effective with ported phone numbers in most countries. So, if you have a valid number, this service should be able to provide you with information about it. If the phone number is invalid, you will be alerted immediately.

Drop Cowboy Offers API For Carrier Lookup Services

Once you know whether numbers on your contact list are valid or not and you know the best means of reaching out the owners at the other end of the line, you’re going to want to engage with API. API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and allows applications to communicate with one another. Drop Cowboy offers API alongside free carrier lookup services, allowing you to effectively market your brand and your products or services to the recipient on the other end of the phone through ringless voicemails.

When it comes to operating a business, carrier lookup isn’t likely to be the first thing that springs to mind in regards to reaching out to consumers effectively. But when it comes down to it, this service can really make or break a telephone marketing campaign! Not only will it save you time and money in pushing material to invalid or nonexistent numbers, but it can give you a whole lot of insight into the consumers you’re dealing with too!

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