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Delivering comprehensive customer insights, AI-driven marketing campaigns and maximising your ROI, RedEye is committed to providing tangible data-driven results. Working cohesively with clients, our partnerships stand the test of time. With an experienced and talented team, along with cutting-edge technology, RedEye provides exceptional ROI and ensures client’s see increased engagement conversions and profits.

Data is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign, and we make sure you’re getting the most out of your customer data. By understanding your CX and devising a customer journey based on established buyer personas, we’ll help you to obtain a greater insight into customer behaviour. With tailored investigative techniques, state-of-the-art analysis and reliable data collection methods, RedEye ensures you have the data you need to launch the most effective digital marketing campaigns.

Gain insights with our Customer Data Platform

At RedEye, we understand the importance of data. Our unique Customer Data Platform provides a customisable, central location for your data collection and collation. Eliminating the need for numerous technologies, RedEye’s Customer Data Platform integrates multi- channel data and ensures your company has access to all of its data.

The vast majority of businesses only have access to a limited amount of their own data, which greatly reduces the accuracy of their customer insights. Whether you’re struggling to cope with the amount of data produced, you don’t have the technology to process all of the information collected, or data is being siloed, RedEye can help to you create an efficient data capture process and ensure that all your data is used effectively.

Giving you a real insight into how your customers think, feel and act, data should be the cornerstone of any business activity and the foundation of every marketing campaign. From SMS marketing and app promotions to PPC and social media, every marketing activity can benefit from access to the entirety of your data.

Transform your business with our Marketing Automation Hub

Our unique Customer Data Platform ensures data is captured from every conceivable source to give you the customer insight you need to deliver effective marketing campaigns, but our dedicated Marketing Automation Hub transforms your data into usable and interactive information.

Data is often ignored or siloed because it’s not accessible in the right formats, and this can reduce the accuracy of your insights and prevent you from truly understanding your customers. With our Marketing Automation Hub, you can access the key data you need from any location. Furthermore, all of your data is presented in the Single Customer View via the CDP, which ensures you can track customer behaviour and build an effective overview of how your customers act and what they expect from you.

From Cross Device Tracking to Customer Identification, we provide you with the tools you need to capture and analyse data in real-time. In addition, our knowledgeable in-house team have the expertise needed to turn your data into actionable insights and create highly effective online SMS launches, social media promos and digital marketing campaigns.

Ensuring multi-channel data capture and easy customer identification, RedEye ensures your data-driven campaigns hit the mark, every time. Our Marketing Automation Hub is the perfect place to integrate all of your marketing campaigns and schedule segmented activity, such as text marketing, eNewsletters, promo codes and exclusive invites. Whatever type of campaigns you’re running, launching or planning, our dedicated Marketing Automation Hub brings them together and gives you complete control.

Maximise sales with our Predictive Modeller Tool

Collating and analysing data doesn’t just tell you what customers are doing now or how they’ve behaved in the past; it gives you the information you need to predict their future. The RedEye Predictive Modeller Tool uses advanced algorithms to turn your existing data into accurate snapshots of the future.

Want to know how many customers are likely to make a purchase in the next seven days? Need to predict which buyers will respond to SMS messaging? Eager to identify which customers are at risk of unsubscribing in the next three months? No problem.

Our Predictive Modeller Tool ensures you have access to the future and enables you to apply predictive solutions to enhance business performance and modify customer behaviour. Want to hold on to users at risk of lapsing? Identify and segment the customers you want to target and send bulk SMS messages with unique promo codes to encourage another purchase. Keen to reward VIPs who are likely to make significant purchases in the next six months? Send highly targeted emails, app notifications or bulk SMS to reward and incentivise your best customers.

Effective personalisation and better marketing

Marketing used to be about targeting demographics or wide audiences, but technological advances have transformed the way we build marketing campaigns. With the ability to capture a wealth of information from every website visit and interaction, RedEye can help you to identify customers and plot their brand engagement throughout their customer journey.

Knowing who your customers are is important, but knowing how they act and what they want is even more valuable. We won’t tell you how many unique visits your site gets or what demographic your customers fit into; we’ll show you who your customers are, when and how they’ve engaged with you and what they’re going to do next.

Accurately identifying users and giving you a single view of each customer ensures you can engage in truly personalised marketing activities, which perform better and significantly improve your ROI. Tailored campaigns, whether they’re text marketing, Facebook ads or eNewsletters, outstrip generic marketing activity every time, but increased personalisation will enhance your marketing more than ever before.

At RedEye, we use bespoke software and algorithms to create advanced data capture methods and accurate identification algorithms. Before launching any activity, including SMS marketing, landing pages or even guest blog posts, you can determine exactly which customers will be reading or viewing your content and where they are in their customer journey.

Enabling you to attract more users and retain the customers you’ve already got; our unique technology increases the lifetime value of each and every customer. Whilst our unique platforms provide you with the tools and data you need to launch effective digital marketing and bulk SMS campaigns, we take our personalised approach that one step further.

At RedEye, we don’t simply provide the tools you need and leave you to get on with it. Far from it.

Our specialist in-house team are with you at every stage of the journey, and we’re always on hand to ensure you reach your objectives. With unrivalled experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we’ll provide the support you need when it comes to devising effective marketing activities and help you to create personalised campaigns based on the data you’ve collated.

What’s more, you’ll benefit from having a dedicated RedEye Account Manager to assist you, whenever you need it, as well as strategy experts, client service managers and experienced marketing consultants. Whether you’re struggling to come up with innovative campaign ideas, you’re overwhelmed with the amount of conversions your new data-driven campaigns are achieving or you simply fancy a chat – we’re always available!

At RedEye, we understand the importance of having marketing support in place, and we’re happy to provide it. By combining our cutting-edge technology with our in-house marketing maestros, we offer the insights, inspiration and innovation you need to propel your business forward.

Working in partnership with all of our clients, we’re committed to finding the right marketing solutions for your business. If you’re keen to increase conversions and boost your ROI, get in touch with RedEye now.

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Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

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