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Searching for a bulk SMS provider isn’t a walk in the park. You need to ensure your partner is reliable and has the capability to hit the targets you set. Text Local has quickly become one of the leading lights in bulk SMS and SMS messaging thanks to its forward-thinking solutions and platforms.

With its cutting edge digital channels, Textlocal can help you optimise your business communications to raise awareness of your brand and improve the customer experience. And, there is no reason for you to learn on the job. Textlocal has an SMS tool called Helping Hand, which connects you to an SMS expert.

With Text Local, you can use online SMS messages in the UK and make sure they hit their target every time.

SMS With Text Local

There are multiple ways to send SMS messages in the UK and abroad with Text Local and it’s seamless platforms. One of the most popular is the managed service. Businesses have too much on their plate to deal with bulk SMS and SMS processes. Text Local, therefore, offers your company the chance to outsource your bulk SMS and SMS needs so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Of course, independence is essential in business because you want the flexibility to take control when necessary. Unlike most marketing companies that deal with text marketing, Text Local has a self-service platform that lets you send SMS messages in minutes and manage your contacts. If you want to add more info to your communications, you can with Text Local’s attachment tool that is integratable with Word, JPG and MP4.

Integration is vital for businesses because they don’t want to rip up their processes and start again. The Textlocal free SMS API ensures this doesn’t happen. Whether it’s a website, CRM, app, or piece of software, anyone with a Textlocal login can send SMS online. Once you submit an SMS message and your mobile number to the Textlocal gateway, it will be delivered in seconds. And, you can optimise your email too with the email to SMS service. Because not everyone reads emails, you can ensure your message is delivered and consumed without having to craft lengthy emails.

Is It Only SMS?

No, Text Local offers its services across various platforms, including WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and RCS.


With billions of people using the platform daily, it’s essential to get in on the action. Unlike regular SMS communication, Text Local provides businesses with a two-way channel via WhatsApp. Thanks to the business solution, customers can easily contact you through their favourite app as they would their friends and family.

But, it isn’t just about the customer experience. Text Local is also a cost-cutting tool as it reduces overheads - there is no need for expensive call centre costs. By implementing this text marketing option, you can create a seamless process that includes everything from alerts to notifications.


The future of bulk SMS is here, and it’s called RCS. SMS has been around for decades and hasn’t changed much, but rich communication services are about to revolutionise the industry. By using MMS, Textlocal allows you to upgrade your SMS messages to include more than text. Thanks to MMS and MMS messaging, businesses can add photos, Gifs, videos and much more to make their communications more exciting.

MMS and SMS MMS is the future because customers expect an engaging and interactive experience, two things Textlocal and it’s RCS platform provides. What happens when an MMS message includes these basic components? According to Textlocal, you are likely to receive a bump in click-through and response rates by as much as 3x.

MMS messaging is expected to overtake WhatsApp, and Textlocal can ensure you’re on board to take advantage when it does.

Apple Business Chat

Apple is the biggest company in the world and dictates how lots of people communicate. With Textlocal, you can seamlessly integrate your Apple devices to interact with customers. There is no need for you or your customers to adapt as the Textlocal platform uses native Apple messenger apps. They can even use Apple Pay to make a purchase.

You can start a conversation via Maps, Safari, Siri, and search - it’s that comprehensive.

Why Is This Important?

From an online SMS service to popular apps, your company needs to utilise them all to be successful. After all, 21% of smartphone users are online for 3 hours a day or more. When you add in the fact that 90% of people over the age of 6 will own a phone in the UK and around the world by 2020, there’s no doubt mobile is the future.

Text Local is a leader in the industry right now because it believes in empowering its customers. That’s why they offer free insights into SMS communications that include tips and tricks.

Why Do Businesses Choose Textlocal?

Products and services are paramount, and Textlocal has ones that focus on what companies need. To send SMS messages in the UK and around the world is one thing, but Textlocal doesn’t stop there. As well as their short code and long numbers, they also integrate their platforms to include WhatsApp, MMS, Apple Business Chat, and email to SMS.

What this allows Textlocal to do is boast open marketing rates of 98%. 90% of SMS messages are read alone, with a response rate of 32%. For businesses big and small, this not only lets them send and receive messages online, but it also means they will be consumed.

Textlocal is also a believer in offering flexibility. Aside from its various, integratable platforms, this means low costs with no fixed contracts. Textlocal customers only pay for the credits they use, and even get a free trial with a free short number keyword.


Text Local is an award-winning SMS service that has been recognised for its commitment to its customers. Being UK based, it’s a Great British Entrepreneur that is trustworthy and reliable, but that doesn’t mean Text Local doesn’t have bigger dreams.

Making the shortlist for the World Communication Awards is only the beginning and soon the UK won’t be big enough.

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