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While PPC, SEO, and social media marketing are all great ways to get your brand message out to the masses in a public and generic manner, personalised direct marketing channels are undoubtedly more important than ever before. Modern consumers are now far more focused on experiences than ever before, and those one-to-one interactions are the best way to make it happen. The big question, however, is whether to employ SMS marketing oremail marketing.

Both SMS marketing and email marketing can have a big impact for companies throughoutAustralia. Here’s all you need to know about both Burst SMS and email correspondences in order to make the right decision.

How Do Quick SMS & Email Marketing Strategies Work?

SMS marketing and email marketing share many similarities. Whether using Burst SMS strategies or automated email streams, it is an opportunity to send messages to an entire contact list within seconds. Meanwhile, messages can be personalised with ease by adding automated details such as the recipient’s first name.

Both marketing techniques are designed to open up a one-on-one interaction with respondents. The principles of the strategy work as follows:

Your business sends out emails or text messages to members of your contact list,
Prospective customers then respond to show interest, generating a significant lead for the business,
Your business follows up on their interest through automated or manual responses,
The customer is convinced to complete the sale.

Both types of content will be delivered to people that are already know of the brand, which gives you a fantastic opportunity to convert curious consumers into customers while also winning back previous customers that have stopped using your services. But which option is best?

Burst SMS Marketing Review

Burst SMS marketing allows businesses to upload their contact lists before sending messages that are converted to SMS messages. Aside from being able to insert customer variables and express messages through personalised interactions, key features include automated response options to follow up any interest while the lead is hot.


Messages are delivered directly to the customer’s pocket and studies show that over 90% of users will read the message within three minutes. This makes Burst SMS services the perfect strategy when trying to secure a rapid response to time-sensitive promotions such as trying to fill tables at the restaurant tonight or replace a cancellation at the hair salon.

As well as a higher response rate than other forms of marketing, the response rate is up to 209% higher, which means more people are actively considering whether to purchase the product. While many will still resist the temptation, it does also mean that you are likely to see a far greater number of leads when using Burst SMS, which can produce more revenue.

Almost all residents in Australia have access to SMS messaging where as not everyone will use the internet, particularly when looking at the older generations. Text messages are the simplest form of digital interaction, which also prevents distractions and allows customers to comprehend the content and respond if they are interested.

The content itself is limited to text and emojis, which allows you to get the message out far sooner. You won’t need to worry about adding fancy graphics or video. You can focus on the offer or message, which also allows you to spend more time on the products, services, and customer care elements that will ensure any converted leads leave with a smile.


There are small operational costs involved with sending quick SMS messages. While still far cheaper than most marketing strategies, this is a disadvantage when compared to email marketing.

The lack of visual materials means that Burst SMS means you can only target clients that already know a little about your business and services.

Email Marketing Review

Email marketing works in a very similar fashion to SMS marketing, except that content is delivered to email inboxes rather than their phone inboxes. Customer variables can still be included, as is the case with Burst SMS, while the use of graphics and other content can give even greater insight into the product in question ahead of the consumer decision.


Emails are arguably the least obtrusive way to directly contact prospective customers about deals, services, and promotions. People can often tell by the headline alone whether they want to read your email, so your chances of wasting their valuable time become very slim. This is important as you do not want to drive future customers away.

Automated emails can be set up as the perfect way to contact people once they have subscribed to your content via a website landing page. Likewise, emails can be set to be sent following abandoned baskets to ensure that customers come back to complete the sale and generate additional revenue for the company with immediate impacts.

It’s far easier to use this type of content to lead readers to further information via videos, web links, and other links. A professionally designed email campaign can additionally create a fantastic impression of the business, which can build excitement and drive traffic to your door. Email campaigns can also promoted several services.

People often forget to unsubscribe from emails, meaning you’ll continue to reach them for the long haul. It only takes one great offer to spark their interest and get them interested in buying your products once more. The impact of this element should not be ignored by any business owner particularly in relation to winning back old clients.


A lot of emails will get caught up by spam folders while others will be read too late such as when a deal expires. Most people don’t check their email marketing streams as often as their phones.

People still have trust issues with emails as some companies still use cold emailing. Likewise, the threat of email scams still influences consumer decisions.


Both email marketing and text message marketing are successful tools that can transform interest and brand curiosity into active leads. In truth, there’s no reason why you have to choose one or the other as they can work together in a bid to achieve the desired consumer responses.

Nonetheless, if you are planning to focus on a single form of digital opt-in communications, Burst SMS is the best solution for quick results and increased revenue. Whatever industry you’re in, be sure to embrace the power of quick SMS messaging today.

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