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In the world of modern marketing, using the right point of contact is as important as expressing the right message. Every company in Australia should be using directsms as one of the key weapons in their arsenal because, frankly, it’s possibilities are incredible.

Here are just 10 clear reasons why SMS marketing and the directsms platform can accomplish so much for your business.

#1. The Messages Don’t Get Lost

Digital communications are deemed a great option by marketing experts for a host of reasons, but client convenience is unquestionably one of the top items on the agenda. SMS marketing strategies are just one of several solutions available, but are easily the most effective. The chief reason is that they don’t get ignored.

When an SMS is sent, it is delivered directly to the consumer’s pocket in an instant. Even if they can’t get to it now, they will see it pretty soon. In comparison, marketing email open rates are lower than 20%. Given that you cannot go cold calling, it’s vital that you reach every contact you have. Directsms is the answer.

#2. SMS Targets Every Demographic

Generational shifts are clearer than ever, with younger audiences interacting with businesses through modern means like social media. While digital marketing strategies relating to those platforms and the idea of incorporating stories can work wonders for the younger customers, they do overlook the older generations – who have money.

Even senior citizens using outdated flip phones can access SMS marketing content. Moreover, there is a clear and simple message that will be expressed in a concise manner. This gets your message out there to all existing and prospective clients. Besides, you can still support this further with some of the alternative solutions on the market.

#3. People Want It

Giving customers what they want is essential for business success, especially with regards to marketing. Three in four people are happy to receive SMS marketing communications from brands that they know and trust. Moreover, this type of interaction is an opt-in service, which significantly reduces the amount of waste you will be guilty of encountering.

A quick SMS feels far less intrusive for most users, and directsms facilitates the potential to do it. When businesses respect the wishes of their customers and leads by focusing on text services that they are happy to receive, your brand will naturally create a positive vibe. Investing time, money, and resources into ideas they don’t want would be madness.

#4. Customers Actually Respond

As already mentioned, directsms marketing is ideal for those seeking high open rates. However, it is also shown that consumers actively respond to sms messages at over double the rate of email and social media interactions. Moreover, the vast majority are opened within five minutes of the message being sent.

This makes a quick sms message the perfect solution when using a timed promotion. For example, you could run a salon that has had a cancellation that needs filling or may have a store running a special deal on surplus stock. Either way, the SMS route is particularly suited to all local au companies wanting to generate rapid replies.

#5. Personalised Messages

While customers know that most marketing communications are sent in bulk, they still deserve to gain a personalised touch. A directsms login makes this very easy as contacts can be segregated with ease to ensure that the right messages are sent to the right people. This can be great for geographical marketing or winning back old clients.

The two-way interaction systems, which also offers an easy opt-out that can prevent customers being left frustrated by your continued unwanted messages, also embrace the idea of intimate dialogues. Whether using automated responses or human responses, there can be no doubt that directsms marketing is an ideal option.

#6. Easier To Gain Trust

It wasn’t that long ago that consumers received dozens of spam quick sms messages each week, but the landscape has changed at a rapid rate. While this means you can only reach people that have opted in, it also incites trust from customers. After all, they’ll know that the directssms interaction is from a trustworthy company they’ve interacted with.

Once upon a time, a lot of consumers would delete most marketing sms threads. Not now, though. This gives the messages a huge advantage over emails, not least because they latter can often end up in spam or junk folders. Given that gaining a client’s trust is vital for converting interest into sales, this form of marketing works wonders.

#7. Cost-Effective

The success of any marketing strategy will be defined by the financial aspects. Directsms offers a very cost-effective way to reach the right people in a rapid fashion. While not as cheap as sending an email, the increased open rates and responses mean that the cost of each lead will be far lower conversion costs, confirming cost efficiency.

In addition to being an affordable solution for companies in Australia across a range of industries, directsms makes it easy to track the performance of each campaign from an ROI perspective. This capability enables the very best optimisation opportunities, not least because marketing teams can quickly learn to focus on the strategies that work.

#8. SMS Isn’t Hurt By Adverts

When a customer opens their email box, your correspondence has to fight off the competition from a load of other companies. Likewise, your Google My Business listing and digital streams are up against tough competition. Even when using messaging Apps, the in- App ads can distract customers from your business message. SMS is different.

The simplicity of SMS marketing is supported by the fact that you’ll have the user’s full attention. Every au-based company can appreciate the benefits of this. After all, attention spans are down to 8 seconds, which is why you need to make your interactions count. Directsms campaigns enable you to do it in style.

#9. Directsms Communications Are Easy

One of the big issues surrounding other marketing tools is that it takes time to implement them. Not only do you need to set up the campaign, but there is a requirement to make sure that images look the part. After all, poor designs will let down a lot of social media and traditional marketing campaigns. SMS marketing isn’t bound by those rules.

As long as you know what you wish to say and how to convey it, the campaign can be sent to an entire contact list within a matter of seconds. The benefits of this aren’t limited to the marketing campaign either. Perhaps more importantly, it’ll save you a lot of time, enabling you to focus on other aspects of the venture.

#10. Integration With Other Tools

Successful marketing isn’t defined solely by promoting products and services in an explicit manner. Building a winning brand is equally integral for sustained success, not least when contacting customers that you hope to turn into loyal ones. Integrating other business tools for smoother communications can make directsms interactions even more impressive.

Once inside the directsms login, it’s possible to send appointment reminders, system management details, password and ID verification, and more. All of those elements can work in conjunction with explicit promotions, such as sending sms vouchers (they convert far more customers than comparable coupons elsewhere) to achieve great things.


SMS marketing may not be the most advanced or complex form of modern marketing, but it still achieves optimum levels of engagement and conversions. While it won’t be the only ingredient in the recipe for success, it will make the outcomes taste far sweeter.

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