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Real estate agents need tools that allow them to manage their contacts, complete transactions, and track the interest of customers as they move through the real estate pipeline. The problem, however, is that the relationship between agents and people looking to buy or sell property is more complicated in the property market than it is in others. Estate agents usually can't make do with regular, feature-poor CRM solutions: they need something specific for the property market.

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Create workflows and send automated voicemail messages when new contacts are added into CRM. Trigger follow up messages, announcements and send bulk prospecting RVM with Drop Cowboy.

How to integrate Contactually CRM with Drop Cowboy

Drop Cowboy integrates with Contactually with a service called Zapier, Zapier allows us to push and pull data to and from Contatcually along with 1400 applications.

  • Step 1 - Sign Up for Drop Cowboy
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  • Step 2 - Subscribe to Zapier
  • Step 3 - Create Contactually trigger
    Example: When new contact is created, send Ringless Voicemail
  • Step 4 - Record Voicemail

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  • Triple Line Dialer
  • Call Tracking Numbers
  • Virtual Phone System
  • Text Messaging
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Contractually the software, created by Compass, gives agents the intelligent tools that they need to manage their customers, organize workflows, schedule emails to clients, and get access to broker-level administrative tools.

How Does Contactually Work?

Compass wants to make Contractually as easy to use as possible as well as providing a host of benefits. The company, therefore, offers several value-added features that make real estate CRM easier.

Contactually works by integrating your existing phone and email communication history into the platform. Contactually automatically collects contact and communication data from your phone and email and organizes all of your communication channels into a single, secure dashboard. You can see your communication history, your contacts, and share data with colleagues by granting permissions.

Contactually also offers a host of other tools that make it one of the best real estate CRM tools on the market. Unlike many solutions, the software allows you to prioritize current relationships, making your hottest prospect most visible on your dashboard. It also gives you the option of organizing people into buckets based on their current stage in the buying cycle or some other status, such as "past customers," greatly helping your marketing efforts.

Like all real estate CRM solutions, Contactually comes with a range of helpful features designed to make the life estate agents more comfortable and more productive. Many of the features are geared towards better marketing, while others help manage contacts in helpful and convenient ways.

Business Mass Text Messaging

Communication Reminders

It's always a good idea to stay in touch with prospects. By regularly checking in, estate agents help to maintain relationships, build rapport and get a picture of what stage a particular person is at in the buying cycle. Keeping track of all that with spreadsheets is dull and time-consuming, not to mention inefficient. But Contractually removes all of that administrative overhead natively in the software.

The CRM tool automatically sends reminders to an agent's dashboard, showing who has not replied, who needs following up, the date of last contact and important information related to the subject matter of the communication. CRM for real estate tends to lack this high level of integration, but Contactually doesn't. If you want to pause updates from a particular client for any reason, you can hit snooze, and the program will automatically stop sending you reminders. And if you do decide to go ahead with further communication, then you can choose from a range of follow-up options.

Custom Templates And Automated Personal Messages

Real estate CRM is at its most helpful when it provides agents with the tools that they need to generate bespoke marketing content. Most agents are digital marketing gurus or content creators, and so don't have the time, let alone the skills, to create new and exciting communications for their customers.

The good news is that Contactually takes care of all of this for them. The platform includes email templates that agents can use to create value every time they want to talk to a customer. All the agent has to do is create the text, and then the program will adjust it, tailoring it to every recipient.

There's also automation features. Agents can tell Contractually when they want to send an email, allowing them to create email content whenever they like and then send it at the optimal time of day.


Pipeline Window

Estate agents often have to manage complicated customer pipelines, detailing what stage a particular customer is at during each phase of the transaction. When it comes to property transactions, there are usually many stages. The whole process is further complicated by the fact that many sales also depend on a chain of buyers, each of which has to commit to a purchase before anyone else can get the property that they want.

For estate agents, tracking each customer used to be a challenge. But Contactually says that it's solved this issue with its pipeline productivity window. The window provides a clear overview of the position of each client, detailing vital information in a simple interface. You can see whether people are actively viewing properties, have sent an offer, have had their offers received and so in. Each deal, therefore, is given a position and a value, providing agents with a visible tool that allows them to assess the worth of each prospect.

Better Team Performance

Real estate agencies need tools that not only help to improve the customer experience and productivity, but that can also offer insights into why some team members perform better than others. Contactually gives system managers, and administrators access to the performance metrics of each team members. Managers can then use the real estate CRM software to better coach team members who might be falling behind. It also allows them to leverage information from high-performing team members and offer bonuses and incentives.

Better Organization

It can be a challenge for estate agents to organize all of their customer relationship operations without the help of real estate CRM. But with Contactually, it's much more manageable. Every contact gets a profile, and the app is no more difficult to use than a regular app for Apple or Android.

Like many CRM systems, Contactually is a product that operates in the cloud. Agents can access their Contactually login from any location, including while they're viewing properties with clients. Contactually login allows agents to see who they spoke to recently, who needs contacting in the future, and which relationships are their current priority.

Contactually: Is It Feature Rich?

Contactually is a great platform for real estate agents looking to improve the way that they manage their contacts. It offers all of the essential services that the agency needs but it doesn't provide as many features as some of its more expensive competitors.

For instance, many CRM providers offer tools that allow estate agents to manage all of their documents. Often estate agents need to link specific documents to particular parties, such as surveyor reports or title deeds. Without these documents held in a central location, there's a risk that they might become misplaced or lost. CRM tools should ideally allow agents to send and receive digital documents or scan documents, and then associate them with a particular customer.

Likewise, social media is becoming increasingly important to estate agents, and some leading companies now offer social media integration. Contactually, however, does not, so you can't pull leads directly from your Facebook pages into the CRM system. It all has to be done manually.

Added Features

If you're willing to pay more for Contactually, you can get a host of additional features. By paying for the top-tier Concierge monthly package, you get help developing and maintaining your communication strategy, executing outreach, bulk messaging, and integrating lead sources.

In conclusion, therefore, Contactually offers estate agents a range of benefits, allowing them to manage their contacts better. It's a relatively inexpensive solution but may not provide some of the features that agents need. Whether the software can add value to your organization depends on how you do your marketing — those who use traditional forms of communication stand to benefit the most.


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Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

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