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Bigger Pockets

Real estate has always been a complicated market. People across the world are interested in taking on this sort of investment, but it can often be a challenge to get started, let alone forging ahead in this competitive space. The first challenge for you to overcome will involve accepting support from others, as breaking this sort of barrier is never easy. Bigger Pockets is here to help you out with this, offering resources which can make the process of property investment far more straightforward, without putting you through a complicated learning process or making everything you have to do sound scary. Of course, though, you will have to work hard to get started, even with some support.


Learning will always be crucial when you’re putting yourself through something like property investment. There will be a lot of different hurdles to overcome during this process, and it makes sense to equip yourself with the knowledge to handle them from the very beginning. You can find a wealth of resources on Biggerpockets, all of which are designed to be easy to digest and push you in the right direction. You can find some examples of sort of the sort of learning tools on offer below.

Podcasts, Webinars, & Interviews: One of the main challenges people face when they are searching around the web for learning tools will always be the fatigue which comes with lengthy reading. It can be all too easy to let the information you’re soaking up drift by when you’ve been reading for hours. The podcasts, webinars, and interviews on Bigger Pockets can take away this problem, making it possible to learn without having to read for hours on end. This can hold a tremendous amount of value in a field like property investment, as it will ensure that you understand what you’re learning without having to put you to the test.

Guides & Blog: Along with the audio and video segment of Bigger Pockets, there is also a massive range of content which is designed to be read. The guide features articles which will teach you about specific areas, while the blog covers more general topics, giving you ideas and pushing you to learn about the right things. You may not have the same stamina for this as watching videos, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get anything out of it, and you may only need to pace yourself to soak up everything on offer.

Forums & Member Blogs: Learning is always most natural when it is a collaborative effort. Over the last few years, Bigger Pockets has been able to grow a significant community. Through forums which are filled with helpful and enthusiastic members, you can ask questions and help other people out. Alongside this, though, there is also a member blogs section which is filled with useful content which was written by members of the site. Getting an insider perspective like this is something which most people struggle to find when they are doing their own research, though help is never more than a few clicks away.

Free Course: It’s no secret that it’s harder than ever to find things for free in the modern world. There are a lot of companies offering stuff under the guise of being free, only to throw costs at their customers later down the line. The free course on Bigger Pockets is true to its name, though, and this is a resource which prospective property investors simply can’t ignore. Whether you want to start buying and selling homes or have visions of writing your own blog, having this sort of course under your belt will make the process far more manageable.


Next up, it’s time to take a look at the network which Biggerpockets has on offer. Knowing the right people has always been a good way to push your business forwards, though it isn’t easy to build the right connections when you’re first getting started. Thankfully, the digital world has made this much easier, and the success of the Bigger Pockets podcast has driven a swath of expert investors and other real estate professionals to the site. You can find some of the critical elements of this useful community below. With almost 1.5 million users, there are few places around the internet which can offer the same as Bigger Pockets.

Directories: It can be frustrating to filter through company after company when you’re looking for help with your real estate ambitions. Having access to a quality directory can help with this, giving you the chance to find pros who have already been tried and tested. Bigger Pockets gives you access to contractors, real estate agents, and other businesses related to this field, and they are all presented in a way which makes it incredibly easy to find what you’re looking for. There are few platforms across the web with the same amount of options.

Jobs: If you’re looking to get into real estate more seriously, working in the field can be a great way to put yourself in the right sort of position. Bigger Pockets puts you in direct contact with a vast range of employers in this field. They will have high expectations from their candidates, but having this sort of pressure will ensure that you end up in a job which matches your credentials. If you need help to figure out how to get a job in this field, you can listen to the Bigger pockets podcast for more information.

Events: Being a physical market, it makes sense for people to meet face to face when it comes to real estate. There are loads of different activities and shows being run across the world which are designed to make it easier for people to network, learn, and expand their career with property. This can be useful if you’re simply trying to learn, but will also be helpful for those with more serious ambitions, as it will give you the chance to talk to like-minded people about the passion you share.


There are a lot of different sites around the web which offer tools to help with your property journey. A lot of these platforms lack a crucial feature, though; coverage. Without the ability to do all of your work from the same place, it can get confusing and add to the time-consuming nature of this field, and this is where Bigger Pockets can help you even further. With a host of different tools on offer, this platform brings it all together, without leaving you to search for other sites which will have similar options.

Calculators: There are often big and complex numbers involved with property investment. Biggerpockets offers calculators to cover a range of different scenarios, from figuring out how much you could earn from an AirBnB property, to getting an idea of what your mortgage will cost you over the years. Having to go to different websites for this can make things confusing, as they will often use their own algorithms which make the answers you get slightly different.

The Bigger Pockets calculator system doesn’t just help you to find tools which will make your property finance easier, though, as they can also push you in the right direction when it comes to managing the information you get from them. You can have reports made which will include vital information, export all of the documents which are generated as PDFs, and all of this can be used as evidence when you’re going through the complex processes found in the world of real estate. These features make Bigger Pockets stand out from any crowd.

Landlord Resources: While Bigger Pockets has a lot of tools which can push you to make good decisions with your property investments, there are limits to the tools one organisation can make. For this reason, there are a range of different third-party landlord resource recommendations available on the main site. Making jobs like finding tenants or managing property much easier, these are in place to show you just how many options you have. This can save a huge amount of time and research.

Additional Tools: One of the most popular tools on Bigger Pockets has always been FilePlace. This part of the site is designed to make it possible for members of the community to submit their own documents and files for other users to benefit from. There are books which can teach you about real estate, templates for the documents you’re going to have to use, and even contracts which can be used to seal the deals you’re making. This can save a huge amount of time, while letting you rest assured that your property is being handled correctly.

Along with offering a file sharing community, Bigger Pockets is also offers real estate investment resource curation. This comes in the form of a lengthy list of incredibly useful links, from those which can help you to find contractors, to others which will make it easier to get this process off the ground. Having a set of curated links is a great way to ensure that you’re always working with the right companies. There are plenty of businesses in the world of real estate, but there are few which match the standards of those on this section of the site. Of course, it’s always worth doing a little bit of research for yourself.


A strong marketplace can be an invaluable resource to a real estate investor. Cutting a huge amount of time out of the searching you will have to do, this sort of tool is just about impossible to live without. Bigger Pockets has spent many years developing a marketplace which is filled with great properties, giving you a huge range of choice when you decide to use it for your hunt. This marketplace is more than just a place to find property, though, and you can learn about its other features below.

Listings: Any property marketplace wouldn’t be complete without a few real estate listings. Unlike a lot of the sites you find for this purpose, Bigger Pockets is designed with flexibility in mind. You can find private and professional sellers, along with a lot of options which you simply won’t see on other listing sites. Of course, though, an investor isn’t interested in the same details as a normal buyer, and this is another area to keep in mind. This marketplace is designed to make life easier for investors, and will provide you with details which can save a huge amount of time and effort when it comes to research.

Foreclosures: As an investor, it makes sense for you to look for property options which are as cheap as possible, as this will ensure that you make as much as possible out of it. Foreclosures are an excellent way to achieve a goal like this, though a lot of people struggle to find this sort of option when they’re shopping around. Deeper Pockets can help you to find a property like this from trusted sources, making it far easier to make more room in your budget without having to put your investment at risk.

Adverts: Finally, as the last part of the marketplace, it’s time to take a look at the adverts which can be found on Bigger Pockets. This section of the site has a huge amount of variety, with experienced users offering support to new investors, and large employers hunting for team members through platforms like this. You won’t find a better place to get your hands on opportunities in this sector, with all of the hard work already being done for you. As time goes on, you will have the chance to develop strong relationships with the people you find on these websites.


There are a lot of resources around the web which can help you with things like real estate investment, giving you information and making it easier to push yourself in the right direction. Of course, though, blogs can only go into so much detail, and it isn’t always easy to make sure that you’re pushing yourself in the right direction when you’re only getting snippets of information. The Biggerpockets bookstore is designed to combat this issue, giving you access to even more resources which can help on your journey.

The Books: The books are always going to be the main component of a bookstore, and this makes them a good place to start when talking about it. The Bigger Pockets book store covers a range of different topics, from investment to DIY and property maintenance, giving you a chance to soak up a huge amount of useful information when you’re going through this process. Written by industry experts and property veterans, these resources can be far more useful than simple blog posts, and can even give you the skills you need to be able to find success in the complex field of property investment.

In an effort to make it easier to choose the books you’d like to read, the bookstore offers a range of different packages. The books found in these groups complement each other and are designed to form groups which can teach you about specific areas surrounding property investment. For example, if you wanted to become a landlord, you could take a look at The Complete Guide to Rental properties, giving you the chance to learn everything you need to know about this challenging process.

Forms: Along with offering books for those who want to learn about this complex field, Bigger Pockets is also well-known for the legal documents they have on offer. Having been designed and written by expert lawyers, using this sort of resource can save a small fortune in your home investment process. Accessing these forms is only available to paying members of the site, but the money you can save with this subscription makes sure that the competitive price you pay is well worth it. Of course, though, it’s worth putting some time into researching the exact documents you’ll need.

Case Studies

It’s not always easy to tell whether or not a platform is for you when you’re first getting started. There are a lot of questions which are impossible to answer through the FAQ pages and blog posts you find, and sometimes it can be best to look at some real-world examples of the site in use. To give you this opportunity, you can find a range of case studies below which show just how effective the tools Biggerpockets offer can be. These aren’t stories from real users, but reflect the experience which a lot of people have.

The First-Time Investor: Investing your hard earned money into property is never an easy game to get into. The first challenge you’ll have to face is choosing the model you’d like to follow. Some people prefer to buy a place, work on it, and then sell it at a higher price, while others will be more interested in the long-term benefits of acting as a landlord. Bigger Pockets have loads of resources which can teach you how to tell the difference between the different models you have available to you.

Once you’ve chosen the type of investment being made, it will be time to start gathering the funds and developing an understanding of the legal process involved with property investment. This process isn’t always easy, and a lot of people find themselves struggling with it. Biggerpockets has a forum which is filled with dedicated members and veteran investors, and they are all very happy to help you along your journey. This can make it far easier to find yourself in the right position at this stage.

With a plan of action to follow, you’ll finally be ready to choose a property to make your investment. Finding the right place will be hard, but the marketplace section of the Biggerpockets website should have everything you need to help you. Whether you need help to survey a property to make sure it is in good shape or are looking for a new property to buy, there are countless options available when you look in the right places. Having this sort of resource behind you can make the whole experience far more comfortable.

Finally, once a property has been purchased and you’re ready to make your money back, it will be time to start improving yourself as an investor. The bookstore is filled with excellent resources which can push you to be a far better realtor, with loads of titles which are written with first-time investors in mind. Your next investment will be far easier if you take the time to learn about the work which needs to be done.

A Career Builder: Not everyone has ambitions of investing their own money when they are thinking about the world of real estate. Instead, you might be more interested in the idea of selling properties on behalf of other people. Being a realtor isn’t as simple as a lot of other sales jobs, and a lot of people struggle to handle the pressure which can come with this sort of role. Learning will make things far easier, though, and this is where Bigger Pockets comes in.

The first part of a journey like this will involve learning about the requirements in this sort of field. Most people find that they need to get a qualification or two when they are going through this process, and there may be legal requirements which have to be followed, but our dedicated forum and blogs can help you with this. Not only will they give you the chance to read, but you can also ask questions and figure out what you need to do at each stage.

Next up, it will be time to start doing all of the learning. Even when you’re at school, it can often be hard to get your hands on the right resources, but there are few places better than Bigger Pockets to find what you need. Thanks to the large community of experienced realtors on the site, it is incredibly easy to find the help you need to improve your education. The best sales people are always those who go above and beyond to learn about their products, and this is no different when it comes to property.

Once you have your qualifications, you’ll finally be ready to begin the process of looking for a job. Thanks to the advert space on the Biggerpockets website, you can start this process right away, with loads of job adverts being posted each and every day. This makes it nice and easy to find the right sort of position for your level of experience, and will give you a unique insight into the world of real estate employment. This field can be complicated when you’re first getting started, but it will all get easier once you have your first job.

Veteran Investors: While you may not feel like you have much to learn when you’ve been in the field of property investment for a long time, most people have room to improve. Bigger Pockets has resources which are designed for beginners, experts, and everyone in the middle, making it easy to improve the complex skills you’ve been developing for so long. Of course, though, you could also play another role on a platform like this.

There is always room for new faces on the forums and community spaces on Biggerpockets. Your experience could be a driving force for other investors, giving the next generation of money-makers the chance to learn from your success. The input of experienced experts is always valued, and many of the users on the site owe their biggest investments to their peers. You can take whatever angle you like doing this, whether you want to write blogs or help people more directly, and you will probably learn a thing or two in the process.

Using Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets has grown a lot over the last few years, with thousands of new users joining the site. This makes the whole platform feel alive, while also giving you access to more and more useful content, and we’re proud of the work we’ve been able to do. Whether you want to learn, teach, or simply find your next property, there are few other platforms around the web which offer the same scope, and this is something you should always keep in mind when you’re choosing the support you use for your investments.

Free accounts are available to those who want to give the resources a try, though the most valuable tools are only available with a membership plan. These are designed to be affordable, and can often save a huge amount of money, making it worth looking at the options available. Prices start from $19 per month, but this is a small price to pay to make sure that you’re handling your investments properly. Feel free to take a look around the site for more information, or get in contact if you have any questions about our work.

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