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Liondesk is CRM provider that hopes that its particular slant on CRM will lead to its continued success. Rather than offering customers a generic tool, Lion Desk takes an explicitly sales-based approach. It’s CRM software is designed to help real estate agents achieve more sales and generate more leads.

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Send Ringless Voicemail Drops from LionDesk when a new lead is created or follow up with existing leads. Integrate with Liondesk today and streamline your activities.

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How to integrate Liondesk CRM with Drop Cowboy

Drop Cowboy integrates with Liondesk with a service called Zapier, Zapier allows us to push and pull data to and from Liondesk along with 1400 applications.

  • Step 1 - Sign Up for Drop Cowboy
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  • Step 2 - Subscribe to Zapier
  • Step 3 - Create LionDesk trigger
    Example: When new contact is created, send Ringless Voicemail
  • Step 4 - Record Voicemail

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Customer relationship software, or CRM, is big business. Companies need tools that help them manage their contacts, know who has ordered what, and generate leads. Because of the near-ubiquitous need for CRM, there’s fierce competition in the market to provide the best software possible. Businesses are vying with each other to capture a chunk of a growing multi-billion dollar industry, and trying to one-up each other with an ever-increasing array of useful features that make communicating with customers more manageable and profitable.

Liondesk is one such CRM provider that hopes that its particular slant on CRM will lead to its continued success. Rather than offering customers a generic tool, Lion Desk takes an explicitly sales-based approach. It’s CRM software is designed to help real estate agents achieve more sales and generate more leads. The company’s mission statement includes the phrase “close more sales,” if it wasn’t clear enough already that this is its central goal. Lion desk claims that it is continually innovating and looking for new ways to free up employee time and make sensible predictions about which customers are ready for a new sale, and which aren’t.

But is Lions desk as helpful as the company would lead you to believe? Or does it have limitations, just like all other CRM software on the market today?

Let’s start with the positives.

Video Email And Texting

Liondesk offers customers something unique in the CRM world: the ability to integrate both video email and video texting into its platform. Lion desk provides tools that allow you to attach a video and then distribute it along with your regular content through your mass email or texting channels.

When you think about it, the benefit of Lionsdesk technology here is substantial. Not only do you save time working out who has received which video, but you can also track engagement and see whether video content is something that works for your particular audience. Liondesk, therefore, may offer companies that rely on visual marketing a critical advantage over their competitors.

Enhanced Drip Campaigns

Liondesk knows that drip campaigns aren’t always the most effective. It’s become all too easy for customers to ignore their email promotions folder, slashing engagement. According to the Lion blog, the company wants to change all this by offering what it’s calling “enhanced drip campaigns.” These campaigns rely on more than just email to get the message out: Lion desk CRM allows customers to boost their campaigns with automated texts and phone calls too. Here at Drop Cowboy, we offer a service that integrates with Liondesk’s CRM, allowing you to send voicemails direct to customer voicemail inboxes without initiating a dialling tone. Combined with Lionsdesks, customers can generate higher engagement and avoid irritating their clientele. With our integrated solution, your customers can listen to their voicemails at their convenience, giving them back control, and can then follow the voicemail link to call a company back to follow up.

Send Automated Mail And Track Conversions

One of the most significant innovations in the CRM space in recent years has been the ability to track conversions. Tracking conversions is essential, not only to collect important metrics (like how much you’re spending on each sale) but also to find out what is working and what isn’t. According to the Lion blog, the company now offers the ability to automatically send texts, emails and calls to all conversions, helping you to keep tabs on who is buying from you.

Text Manager

Managing conversations with hundreds of customers across a variety of platforms can be a logistical challenge of epic proportions. But Liondesk says that it’s solved this problem too with its “text manager” feature. The text manager allows customers to quickly and easily view all of their active text conversations with customers. Operatives can scroll back through prior conversations to see previous interactions, helping to generate a seamless customer experience.

Property Management

Real estate CRM has taken off over recent years. Real estate CRM helps agents to track which properties have sold, which they need to close, and the stage customers are at in the buying process. Lions desk has a feature it calls “property management” that helps to automate big chunks of the real estate customer management process. Lionsdesk CRM real estate tool, the company claims, helps to prevent anything from “slipping through the cracks.”

The CRM real estate tool will appeal to agents who want to know when deadlines are approaching and when they need to chase customers up. It’s a promising feature and could save real estate firms substantial money in administrative costs and lost sales.

Task Management

One of the most significant problems that customers face, according to Lion blog, is managing who to call and when. Lionsdesk says that they have effectively solved this problem with their task management feature. The purpose of the task management feature is to prompt agents to connect with customers at the opportune time. Not only will the software show you who to call next, but it can also be set up to call you to remind you that you need to get in touch with a particular client.

This has obvious benefit as a CRM real estate tool, but there are dozens of possible applications. Ultimately the Lions desk product makes it easier for any person in a customer-facing sales role to know who they should call next and what they should say.


Find Out Where Customers Are In The Sales Pipeline

Knowing where a customer is in the sales pipeline should inform the way that you communicate with them. Customers who are just finding out more need you to be informative and helpful, while those who are close to sale want to know about pricing and pain points. Liondesk CRM allows you to track where a particular customer is in your pipeline so that you can target them with suitable sales messages. Being able to follow the sales pipeline allows you to address potential leaks - where you’re haemorrhaging customers - and make corrections to your sales policy. Stay in touch with active or potential customers by implementing CRM Dialer into your workflows. CRM dialer gives you ability to Automatic or Predictive dial customers allowing you to speak to more customers every hour.

Get Leads From Popular Third-Party Sources

Liondesk is a real estate CRM that integrates with popular property sales platforms like Zillow, Realtor and Trulia. You can receive a message from a customer on any of these platforms and instantly create an account for them on your Liondesk dashboard. You can then communicate from them within the software, without having to train staff on different customer communication channels. Liondesk makes it easy.

Distribute Leads

Being able to distribute leads among your team is critical. Different members of your team have diverse expertise and will be able to help customers in different ways. Your team needs a Liondesk login or account that you can use to send them relevant leads to maximise conversions. With a Liondesk login, particular members of your team can speak directly to the customer by region (or sales performance), helping you get the most out of each sale.

The Lion blog points out that you get to choose how you distribute leads. It can either be performance-based (e.g., based on the conversion rates of particular members of your team), region-based (if, for instance, a specific agent on your team has expertise in the customer’s region), or directly to you (if you manage the closure process).

Manage Your Documents

Selling real estate often involves managing lots of documents. Not only do you need to keep hold of records for legal reasons, but they’re also essential for refreshing yourself about your customers and finding out who they are and where they’re looking for real estate.

Liondesk gives you the ability to store relevant documents alongside the rest of a particular customer’s information. All you need is your Liondesk login, and you can view records associated with each contact. Again, it's easy.

Grab Leads From Facebook

Social media is fast becoming a critical channel for realtors looking to gain new clients. Facebook, in particular, offers excellent tools for people in the property market, so it’s vital the agencies grab leads from this location.

Just as with popular property listing websites, the Lion blog says that its CRM tool integrates with Facebook leads too. This means that your sales staff can interact directly with customers that come through Facebook without having to step outside of Liondesk’s platform. Helpful. Take your online marketing one step further by purchasing 800 Area Code numbers giving you the ability to review detailed analytics. All analytics drill down allowing you to make informative decisions and changes to your marketing efforts.


Liondesk has done an exceptional job of creating a CRM tool that is uniquely tailored to real estate agents. Under ideal circumstances, sales representatives in these businesses need never step outside of the platform to conduct their daily business: it can all be done in the environment that Liondesk has created.

Like any CRM software, there are limitations, but they are far outweighed by the impressive benefits that Liondesk is offering to customers. There’s no longer any need for guesswork, it seems, with so many tools available for both measuring and automating customer relationships. We’re not quite at the stage where the CRM will manage all customer interactions with the click of a button, but that certainly seems to be what Liondesk is shooting for.


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Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

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