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MOJO Dialer

Ringless Voicemail & SMS Marketing Integration

Mojosells prides itself by allowing agents to make up to 300 calls an hour, predictive dialing gives agents the ability to only be connect to people that answer their phone. Triple dial your way to success!

Mojo Dialer Ringless Voicemail Integration

Mojo Dialer Ringless Voicemail Integration

Mojosells CRM User?

Pair your predictive dialer with Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail System. Create contacts and send direct to voicemail messages driving inbound calls to your dialer!

Mojo Sells and Drop Cowboy Integration

Mojo Sells and Drop Cowboy Integration

How to integrate MOJO Dialer with Drop Cowboy

Drop Cowboy integrates with Mojosells with a service called Zapier, Zapier allows us to push and pull data to and from Mojo along with 1400 applications.

  • Step 1 - Sign Up for Drop Cowboy
    ( Sign Up Now )
  • Step 2 - Subscribe to Zapier
  • Step 3 - Create Mojo trigger
    Example: When new contact is created, send Ringless Voicemail
  • Step 4 - Record Voicemail

It’s That Easy!

Learn How to Use Ringless Voicemail with your Business

Our How to Guide has everything you need to know to integrate voicemail drops into your business.

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Integrate Ringless Voicemail With 1400+ Applications

Zapier integrates Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail Into 1400+ Applications.

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Directly Integrate Ringless Voicemail Into Your App

Drop Cowboy offers on open API for developers to directly integrate ringless voicemail into your software application.

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As your real estate business grows, it’s going to have to deal with a higher volume of sales calls, with the rate growing faster every day. For some businesses, handling those calls can quickly become inefficient and costly, taking away the time you can spend on more valuable efforts to nurture and convert your leads.

However, you can’t simply stop those sales calls, they are an essential part of building your customer base. Mojo Dialer is a tool that can take some of the strain off your sales team as a lead acquisition and management service that makes dialing more efficient, greatly increasing the number of calls you can make every single day.

About Mojo Dialer

As its core, Mojo Dialer is a software package designed for real estate prospecting and lead nurturing that allows you to better manage different leads, to automate sales calls, follow up calls, and transactional casts. With a Mojo Dialer login, you’re able to handle more than 300 calls every hour. As such, you can get in touch with more leads through every step of the nurturing process, increase your reach, and improve your conversion rate.

What Comes With Your Mojo Dialer Login?

When you work with Mojo Dialer, you’re not just working with the software provided, but with a license that can offer a host of different services. The most basic is the Lead Manager, software, a CRM tool that costs $10 per user. This allows you to track and manage leads all the way through the nurturing and conversion process, showing which stage a lead is in as well as which action needs to be taken to help them to the next stage of the life cycle.

To improve your ability to dial more people, there are extra packages such as the Single Line Dialer and the Triple Line Dialer, costing $89 and $139 per license respective, each of which allows you to automatically make a certain number of calls per hour.

There are further addons that can help you improve the service, including the ability to add neighborhood search functions, reserve lookup, expired data cleanup features, and to connect with properties for sale by owners to offer them your services.

The Features That Come With A Mojo Dialer Login

There are tons of features that make Mojo Dialer not only a great choice of lead management tools, but a dialing powerhouse that can ensure you’re making more sales and follow-up calls, converting more potential clients, and helping all your clients move to the next step ahead of their journey. This means that your business is always working towards greater efficiency and more commissions. Some of the features include:

  • Control all the features of Mojo Dialer and get more insight into your lead management strategies with a comprehensive dashboard. Not only can you look at different lead accounts, listen to recordings, and sent alerts to different users through the dashboard but you can also read through scoreboards, contact ratios and live lead postings to improve your efforts even further.
  • The organizer, accessible through the dashboard, allows you to maintain and manage your calendar, schedule appointments, track calls, and check the schedules of your other team members to ensure everyone is always making the best use of their time.
  • A high-speed dialer for every one of the agents on your team, improving the amount of calls you make per hour. Save the time you would from making those calls yourself and see more sales each day.
  • It automatically records all your calls, making them accessible as digital files that you can listen back to whenever you want. See what went right with successful calls to improve your sales scripts and approaches, while gaining some insight on what you can do better through unsuccessful calls.
  • Pre-recorded answering machine messages mean that you can leave different, distinct messages from each agent if your clients aren’t able to come to the phone. Depending on what stage of the lead lifecycle they’re in, you can leave messages that encourage them to get back in touch for different reasons, such as whether you’re just getting in touch for the first time to help them find a property or you’ve found one that they might be interested in.

The sheer amount of features means that a Mojo Dialer login gives you more than access to more calls per hour, but improves your efficiency and productivity across the board. Improve your sales calls and nurture leads more comprehensively than ever, while wasting less time.

Learn The Ropes With The Help Of The Mojo Dialer Resources

If you want to make sure that your team sees all the advantages of Mojo Dialer as soon as possible, then you want training that can help get to grips with the software immediately after signing up. When you get a Mojo dialer login, you also get access to a help section that includes user guides on the various different features of the software, as well as access to a support team that’s always accessible and available to answer any questions that their resources aren’t able to.

There are further options for learning how to make the best use of the software as well, such as tutorial videos that break down different aspects of the services, including the optional features. There is also a series of daily webinars that not only look into those different features but also allow members to ask questions and get answers directly from the Mojo Dialer team.


Mobile Friendly With The Mojosells On The Go App

For those realtors and team leaders who aren’t able to spare as much time to sit at their computer as they would like, Mojo Dialer also has a Mojosells On The Go App that’s available on all mobile devices that use the iOS or Android operating systems. With the app, users can manage their leads directly, make calls, set appointments, and access all the features normally available on the desktop software.

Integrating your mobile with Mojo Dialer also offers more security for your account. The Mojo ID app has a call-back identification feature so that if you ever lose your password or have to log into your account from a new device, you can verify that it’s you from your phone while ensuring that others who attempt to login in without correct authorization are kept out.

Integrate Mojo Dialer As A Part Of Your Complete Lead Nurturing Process

Mojo Dialer isn’t a tool designed to be used alone, either. It’s built ready for integration with a wide range of tools, including analytics tools that can measure the effectiveness of your lead building, follow up automation software, email and SMS marketing, ringless voicemail services, and much more.

To learn more about how you can integrate Mojo Dialer as a part of your compete lead nurturing process, take a look at their website where you can see some examples of the software that it’s ready to work with.

Usable Anywhere, From Any Device

Mojo Dialer is software that’s contained entirely on the Cloud. This means that you don’t have to install any applications on your PC or laptop. If you want to access the tool from a mobile device, you may have to download the Mojosells On The Go App. Otherwise, it’s a completely web- based dashboard. You don’t need anything more than a working phone line, an internet connection, and the right login details to access your account.

That means that you and your team can use Mojo Dialer flexibly, from anywhere in the road, including on the go. It also makes it less resource intensive than other real estate CRM packages that would have to be installed directly on your computer.

The Benefits Of Choosing Mojo Dialer

  • Fast dialing, allowing you to contact hundreds more people every hour.
  • Packed with CRM-essential features, allowing to track and manage clients through their whole journey.
  • Saves the time of dialing clients by hand, allowing you to efficiently move from one call to the next.
  • Comes complete with a mobile app that allows you to manage your leads on the go.
  • Different, flexible package options to suit your needs and empower your business as much as you can.
  • The dashboard offers more than just access to different features, but also analytical data to help improve your insights.
  • Web-based, meaning no installation is necessary and that it can be used from any compatible device from anywhere with a connection.

Is Mojo Dialer The Right Real Estate CRM Software For You?

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your sales team, to help nurture leads more effectively from one step to the next, and to manage and track all your clients from one place, then Mojo Dialer might be the software what you’ve been looking for.

From both smaller teams that need to speed their growth to those large teams who are being dragged back by the inefficiencies of managing all their own calls, it has benefits to offer real estate agents and agencies of all sizes.


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