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SMS Messages Vs. Ringless Voicemail

Bulk SMS marketing can be a highly effective for lead generation, announcements and data collection. While conversions are high SMS Marketing does come with a legal risk and individuals that get caught doing this can be fined $43,000 per text.

Ringless voicemail drops are replacing mass text messaging campaigns do to there high level of effectiveness, listen rate and legal status. Drop Cowboy has built an all in one platform utilizing both direct to voicemail and sms autoresponder.

What is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail is pre recorded message sent directly to individuals mobile voicemail systems. This service is typically used for lead generation, announcements and as a gateway to a landing page.

Ringless Voicemail Drops Benefits

The effectiveness of ringless voicemail marketing is beyond any other services you will use. Text message marketing has met its rival oh and did we mention its legal…

  • Legal in 49 states
  • 97% average listen rate
  • 20%average return call rate
  • Non intrusive
  • Gateway to SMS Autoresponder
  • Cost effective
  • Delivery to 16 countries

What is SMS Autoresponder?

Sms autoresponder is a technology built to handle all incoming text messages and respond with the appropriate message based off of keyword triggers. Automated text message will increase efficiency and will respond to customers inquiries as soon as they come in.

Drop Cowboys Lead Generation Methods


Ringless Voicemail Drop: “Hi my name is Kevin Im offering free life insurance quotes if you would like to save hundreds of dollars please text or call this number back.”

Recipient Texts: Hi Kevin can you provide me with a Quote

Key Words Kevin Set Up: Quote, Cost, Payment,Coverage

Kevin's Automatic Text Response: “Thank you for requesting a hassle free quote for Drop Cowboy Life Insurance. Please fill out this form to receive your quote.. Thanks ( URL GOES HERE)

Kevin's Website URL took customers to fill out a form so he can provide them with a quote for life insurance.

SMS Service

In order to legally send bulk sms you must have a double opt in from every recipient. While the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) doesn't particular say this is required, however this is the only way to make sure you are keeping yourself from litigation.

What is Double Opt In?

Text message marketing double opting in, is referring to when a customer will text into a specific phone number and in return the system will respond confirming they are opting in for a recurring text message program.

Even though companies are not legally bound to double opt in their customers, it is a sure way to prove that all recipients were legally acquired if litigation comes about.

What is SMS?

Short messaging service is a system allowing you to send text messages up to 160 characters. The best text messaging platforms will allow you to send text from computer or any device.

Can I Send SMS Online?

Yes! There are many companies that will allow you to send bulk text messaging online. Drop Cowboy takes it one step further implementing a text autoresponder.

SMS blast are highly effective for marketing purposes but come with a level of uncertainty. If your looking to become a text marketer I would advise to try Drop Cowboy ringless voicemail.

SMS service providers will always make you jump through hoops before you send sms campaigns to make sure you do not fall under the spam laws. Drop Cowboys easy to use service allows to send a bulk voicemail in minutes.

SMS Terminology

SMS Blast (Text Blast)

What is a SMS Blast?
A SMS Blast is as when a company sends out bulk sms messages for marketing purposes or announcements.

SMS Gateway

What is a SMS Gateway?
A SMS Gateway is a computer system allowing you to send sms services though telecommunications networks.

SMS Group

What is a SMS Group?
A SMS group are messages sent from a sms gateway to specific groups of recipients.

Mass Text Messaging

What is Mass Text Messaging?
Mass text is a message sent to more than three individuals at a time. Business use this service for sms alerts and lead generation.

SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?
SMS marketing is a method of generating interest over text messaging.

ringless voicemail countries

Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

We support sending ringless voicemail to 16 countries









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See for yourself why so many have embraced ringless voicemail!

There's no monthly fees, minimums, or commitment to get started.
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