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How Drop Cowboy Auto Text Reply Helps To Capture Leads and Attain Customers

Drop Cowboy has come up with a potent tool that gives business owners an opportunity to simplify their sales process, automate customer service problems and attain leads. Combining a ringless voicemail system with automated text messaging allow business owners to focus on the interested clients and save you time and money too.

Examples of Auto Text Reply

How To Use It As A Lead Generation

Ringless Voicemail Drop –“Good day, my name is Steven, and I’m offering free life insurance quotes. If you are interested in saving hundreds of dollars, you can call or text this number back.”

Recipient Texts Back – “Hello Steven. I would like a quote for coverage.”
(Steven setup several keywords for the autoresponder to recognize – Quote, coverage, cost and payment).

Automatic Text Response – “Thank you for your request of a hassle-free life insurance quote from Drop Cowboy. Please fill the form out to get your free quote. Thanks”
(Your URL will go here).

The website URL will direct customers to the form that they must fill out and be provided a life insurance quote.

How To Use It For An Event

Voicemail Drop – “Hello, This is Lindsey Stirling, and I’m coming to St. Louis for one night only July 7. Purchase tickets by texting this number.”

Recipient Texts Back – “Where will the concert be located? “
(Event keywords include tickets, how much seats, where located, buy).

Events Auto Reply – “Thank you for texting us for information regarding the Lindsey Stirling concert. To learn more click on the link. “
(Here, you put in the URL).

Recipients will be directed to a site where they can buy tickets for the event.

Auto Text Reply: What Is It?

An auto text reply is well-known as an autoresponder and automated text message. It’s a service that lets users set up certain trigger words to send out a particular text message response. Drop Cowboy sends out a proper SMS to respond to the recipient.

3 Reasons To Use The Auto Reply Text App

Are you a sole business owner or a small business trying to keep a lean company? By using the Drop Cowboy autoresponder, you can save yourself a plethora of time in dealing with questions and sending traffic to the relevant landing page to handle customer service problems, attain leads and make sales.

  • Save Time – It can be extremely tedious to respond to every customer and lead, but the Drop Cowboy system automates the entire process, allowing you to focus on capturing leads.

  • Cost Effective – With Drop Cowboy, there’s no more need for a virtual assistant.

  • Successful Targeting Targeting – Drop Cowboy allows you to converse back and forth to customers and bring targeted customers to the appropriate landing page for a lead or purchase.

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