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Effective communication is vital to the effectiveness and efficiency of your company. Without the ability to communicate with staff, customers and clients, you're going to run into productivity problems. Turning to technology is one answer, but it's not as simple as choosing the first pieces of software that you see. Whether you're in Australia, the UK or the US, you need to know that the package is the perfect fit.

Here at Clicksend, we specialise in SMS marketing to ensure that our customers can cut costs, save time, and reach their desired audience without any hassle. With Clicksend and it's powerful yet easy to use features, you can revolutionise channels from email to MMS and rich messaging. Everything that goes through our gateway is reliable and effective.

We're a company based in Australia, which means we're a perfect partner for Au businesses. Of course, we're happy to use our solutions for our customers' sake regardless of the location - geography doesn't matter here at Clicksend.

SMS Provider

At our heart, we're an SMS provider that focuses on email, MMS and SMS marketing. With our services, you can better connect and interact with your base to ensure more effective results. From click-through to read-through rate, your message will hit its mark so that your company benefits from more leads and higher sales.

How We Deliver

To follow through on our promise to boost your business, we rely on our various products to make sure you're satisfied. By investing in our quick SMS platforms and solutions, the good people here at Clicksend hope to make your life a little easier. As entrepreneurs know, being able to offload unnecessary jobs is essential.

Web To SMS

At Click Send SMS, we see short message service texts as essential marketing tools. So, that's why our Web to SMS gateway allows you to use your browser to send one or two-way messages in an instant. Two main types will help your strategy: marketing and transactional.

Marketing is an excellent way for you to promote offers and competitions to your contact list. Due to text messages' higher open, read, and click-through rate, your campaign will see a bump in customer conversions. Whatever you need to advertise, from a VIP night to a big discount, our SMS system marketing is the answer. Transactional is information-based. If you're a taxi company or a delivery service, you can keep your customers informed with our consistent and scalable API.

The Clicksend gateway API is super simple to use thanks to the dashboard feature, allowing you to launch in minutes. And, it comes with a 100% Uptime SLA guarantee so you can be confident in its consistency.

Rich Messaging

Rich communication services are changing the way businesses communicate, and you can be a part of the revolution with our Au-based, quick SMS solutions. Because we believe RCS to include all apps with messaging capabilities, your company can integrate the most-used platforms.

From WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat, we cover all the bases so that you and your employees don't miss out. Thanks to us, you can interact with customers on their terms, meaning you'll communicate like never before. Whether it's audio, high-resolution images or videos, you can send them all. Audio-based RCS is a Clicksend speciality as we use our voice API to integrate with most software. Your company can exploit location sharing, mapping directions and group chat facilities to create an incredible customer experience, too.

By integrating multiple transactions into one interface, your customers will have the option to make in-app purchases to, boosting your bottom line. Click Send SMS is more than a basic short message service platform.

Email To SMS

Email was once the king of 21st-century marketing, but the tide has changed slightly. Today, customers filter their settings so that they only receive certain messages, and everything goes into one of the many folders that they never view.

Thanks to our Email to SMS service, you can still use your email account while benefiting from the effectiveness of text messages. All you need to do is send a message to our prepared email address and we'll do the rest. There is no hassle or messing around - just a quick and straightforward means of interaction.

What are the benefits of using this platform as an SMS marketing tool? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, your message will get consumed more often and not lost amongst spam and junk folders. Secondly, you can still use your preferred email account to manage the strategy - Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, and more. Every reply you receive is delivered into your platform of choice for your ease. If email is still your thing, that's no problem. Clicksend has an email marketing dashboard with 100s of bespoke templates that produce an industry-high 97% delivery rate.


Multimedia messages in Australia are becoming increasingly popular as they are more engaging than standard short messaging service texts. The Click Send MMS solution is crafted to let you take advantage of the new trend.

Because it's a two-way system, customers are also able to send MMS messages to your platform. This means your marketing campaigns have the ability to be more innovative than ever. Ask them to send in images or videos to reply to a piece of marketing for instant results. And, it's only good for customers - employees benefit too. Why? It's because they can send quick MMS texts without the need to craft a long message. By taking a photo or shooting a video, they can explain things in an instant. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Quick SMS and MMS services are vital to us, which our online dashboard or API lets you send bulk messages to your base in seconds. Not only are mass leads and sales only a couple of clicks away, but you can also tell a much richer story and engage people so that they never forget your brand.

How You Can Use Click Send SMS Solutions Effectively

Send SMS Texts For Increased Awareness

The facts are in and they prove that SMS marketing is the most effective form of communication. 91% of short message service texts are read within ten seconds, and 99% are opened overall.

Stop Wasting Time And Money

Do you have to remind customers of appointments? If so, calling them is expensive and time- consuming. Clicksend can eliminate the hassle by offering a cheap service that automatically contacts people with alerts and notifications.

Boost Security

Safety and security are essential for all parties involved. With one-time passcodes and passwords, you can ensure you are dealing with real people while keeping their data secure.

Do It All In Real-Time

Inbound and outbound messages are sent in an instant so that you can respond to queries quicker than ever before. Customers will love the fact that they don't have to wait to hear from you.

The Industries We Work With

Because of our customer support that includes alerts and notifications, reminders and ordering and delivery, we work well with others across a range of industries. It doesn't matter if you're in the banking or hospitality sectors - we hit the right notes. Clicksend even partners with not-for- profit organisations and government agencies to ensure they receive a high standard of communications.

They don't just choose us because of our services, though. Clicksend is one of the most affordable platforms on the market with 24/7 support and no monthly or setup fees. We guarantee to beat any quote, so get in touch now for more on our pricing options.


Click Send SMS solutions can help your business become a communication expert. Partnering with us is the easiest and most rewarding collaboration ever.

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Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

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