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The right mass text app can make it quick and easy to send multiple text communications at the touch of a button. With a multitude of variables and differing functionalities, Drop Cowboy ensures access to a reliable, user-friendly and highly effective mass text messaging app.

Drop Cowboy Mass Text App

Drop Cowboy Mass Text App

What is a Mass Text App?

Put simply, a mass text app is a way of sending multiple messages at once. However, it’s not quite as simple as that. An effective text message marketing platform must be utterly reliable and customizable. When you’re communicating with a large number of people at once, it’s vital to get your message across properly, and there’s no room for mistakes or mishaps.

Committed to delivering the best mass text app, Drop Cowboy offers a text messaging platform which is head and shoulders above the rest. Whether you want to send marketing communications, promo codes or alerts, out dedicated text mass app gives you all the tools you need.

What are the best mass text app features?

When you’re choosing a text message marketing app, you’ll want to ensure you get access to a wide range of features. At Drop Cowboy, we understand that variety and functionality is essential when you’re engaging with your customer base, which is why we offer a range of leading features on our bespoke text platform.


Set up a keyword in seconds and make it easy for customers to sign up to your text marketing messages. You’ll need to cultivate a growing list of contacts before you can dispatch your messages, and keywords is the best way to do it.

Scheduled Texts

Taking control of your marketing doesn’t mean being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With schedule text marketing, you can draft your content and schedule messages minutes, hours, days or weeks in advance.

Mass Text App Scheduler

Mass Text App Scheduler


Want to automate your mass text app? No problem. With Drop Cowboy, you can set up autoresponders to send a text following customer action, such as a new sign up to your list of contacts. Autoresponders offer increased personalized and automation, which has been shown to enhance the impact of marketing content and boost results.

MMS Messaging

Why limit yourself to text? With MMS functionality, you can send images as well as text, and enhance your marketing content.

Custom Fields

Bulk text messages are great but adding a personal touch can really drive up engagement. With custom fields, you can add the recipients first and/or last name to increase personalization.

Dynamic Segments and Lists

Splitting your contacts list into dynamic segments ensures the right people get the right message. With the ability to create multiple lists and segments, you can send relevant content to the right contacts.

Analytics and Link Tracking

Being able to measure your marketing activity is essential, and our built-in link tracking and analytics enable you to do just that. With reliable data, you can determine what’s working and what you can improve. Identify which customers are responding to text messages and what content is getting the best results so you can refine your marketing campaigns and enhance results.

Quick Contact List Building

Using a mass text app is one of the most effective ways to get your message out there, but you’ll need to build a contact list first. Whether you want to send messages to 100, 1000 or 10,000 people, you’ll need to know who they are before you can hit send!

With easy list building, you can add new contacts to your list at any time and import your existing contacts to your new mass text app. If contacts have already given their consent to receiving texts from you, why not import them straight into our mass text app?

Alternatively, simply specific a keyword and make it easy for new customers to add themselves to your contacts list. Make your keyword as unique as your brand and incentivise customers with rewards and vouchers to build a comprehensive contacts list in record time.

Do you need a mass text app?

Your smartphone or tablet may already enable you to send group texts, so do you really need a dedicated mass text platform? In short, YES!

Sending group messages to personal contacts may be simple and straightforward when you’re contacting friends and family but try to send text marketing content on this type of system and you’ll run into problems.

If you’re a business owner, manager or marketer, having the right tools is essential and a specialist text messaging app should be one of them. With specific features aimed at monitoring, enhancing and managing your marketing, a mass text platform is a cost-effective way of reaching your entire customer base and it’s a great option for businesses across a number of sectors.

Take a look at the range of industries getting great results with mass text marketing…

Hospitality and Restaurants

For cafes, bars, restaurants and take-aways, mass text apps are increasing efficiency, engagement and profits. Take orders via text, enable patrons to make reservations, send mass promos, reward loyal customers and incentivise your guests to return with regular text marketing.

E-Commerce and Retail

As well as attracting new customers, retail businesses need to encourage existing customers to make subsequent purchases. A mass text platform is a great way to foster customer loyalty and reward customers every time they make a purchase. Want to let your customers know about your upcoming sale or latest promo? No problem!

Real Estate Agents

House hunters need to be quick when they’re looking in popular residential areas, so real estate agents rely on mass text apps to showcase properties as they become available. With keyword functionality, interested parties can register straight away and request further info. As one of the quickest ways to reach multiple recipients, real estate agents are drastically reducing their workload and ensuring prospective buyers and tenants get access to property information quickly and efficiently.

Churches and Religious Organizations

Being able to reach out to your congregation between services can be extremely beneficial for religious organizations and churches. As well as sending practical information regarding service times and church events, you can send inspirational passages and motivational texts to support and uplift recipients.

Schools and Colleges

With hundreds or even thousands of students, schools and colleges need to be able to send mass communications on a regular basis. Sending mass texts prevents the possibility of your content going directly into a spam or junk folder and ensures important messages get to the recipient. Whether you’re advising parents that your school is closed for the day or reminding them about an upcoming fundraiser, Drop Cowboy’s mass text platform provides a secure way to get your content to where it needs to be.

Download Your Mass Text App Now

If you want to propel your business forward, grow your customer base and see your engagement skyrocket, download the Drop Cowboy mass text app now. Easy to use and simple to register, we ensure you can start sending your mass text messages as soon as you like.

Whether you’ve got an existing list to import or you’re starting afresh and creating a dedicated contacts list for your text marketing, we can help you to engage with your target demographic in a meaningful and effective way.

All businesses require effective marketing and our innovative text solutions give you an unparalleled way of communicating with your existing and prospective customers. To find out more about the benefits of our mass text platform, get in touch with us at Drop Cowboy now!

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