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To send SMS online should be a simple task. After all, a text message is a fundamental tool we all use in everyday life. For entrepreneurs and business owners, choosing a service that is reliable and of a high standard isn’t as simple as it seems. There are lots of suppliers on the market in the UK, so the possibility of picking a bulk SMS provider that doesn’t suit your needs can be high.

Text Marketer reduces the chances of something going wrong with its seamless and breezy online SMS service. Thanks to Text Marketer’s top-notch tools, an SMS blast has never been as accessible or effortless. The gateway does all the work so that the customers can focus on getting results and increasing their click-through and open read rates.

Although the standard is high, the cost is low. When you can send SMS messages from your Text Marketer login to a host of platforms, there is no need to splash out on overheads.

Short Message Service

There is a range of options for businesses depending on their needs. One of the main components of Text Marketer and its rise to the top is its bulk SMS service. Because it’s interchangeable with various programs, customers can send and receive text messages from their phone, computer, email, or even a website. In terms of customer engagement and customer experience, Text Marketer allows their users to upgrade their offerings and create something unique.

It’s proven that bulk SMS messages work when used correctly, so you can get the responses you want with the help of Text Marketer and its dedicated team.

What They Offer

Text Marketer isn’t a company that focuses on one aspect of business communications. To take their customers’ results to the next level in the UK and beyond, they provide several options to fit everyone’s needs.

Email 2 SMS

One of the most popular options is the Email 2 SMS service. In a business, it’s imperative to communicate with every employee effectively to ensure they are up to date and in the know. An email is a useful tool but it has its limits, which is why Text Marketer developed a UK SMS gateway that is compatible with emails.

Simply follow the easy-to-read instructions and you can send emails that instantly convert into SMS messages. That way, there is no need to worry about your IT skills or logging in to a web- based system.

Why choose bulk SMS over emails? It’s because texts have a better open rate and are more likely to be read and consumed. Often, emails are ignored if they look like spam or aren’t exciting or engaging.

SMS Web Pages

Sending boring bulk SMS texts isn’t going to work in the UK or anywhere around the world. Nowadays, customers expect a high level of interaction when they receive an SMS blast, so you have to deliver whether you’re in the UK or internationally based.

Textmarketer makes your task a simple one because it sends SMS texts as web pages. Essentially, short message service communications become MMS messages as they include everything from a tailored image to your logo and brand name. This makes the service perfect for any business trying to promote a new product, sale or job, or anything else that needs attention. Due to the engaging aspect of your MMS, you can grab your customers’ attention and tempt them into a conversion.

All that’s left to do is craft a message that is worthy of a bespoke SMS web page that goes straight to their handset. The decision on what images and text you include is yours; Textmarketer only provides you with the means to hit your target audience.

Short Code SMS

You can’t send an SMS blast and expect it to work. For maximum results, businesses must ensure they offer the recipients something of value to get their curiosity. Text Marketer does this through its short code short messaging service platform. With a small number and a keyword, response rates can increase by as much as 20%. And, because keywords and phrases aren’t easy to get right, Textmarketer throws in a free one that gives you all the features of the paid version.

They’re not only SMS-based either. Whether it’s a UK number, a website, or you want to use it in-store, a short code number is available across a variety of apps. Text Marketer even links it to your social media, too.

Part of a strong, direct advertising campaign is giving customers the ability to convert via their preferred method. When you send SMS online with a short code number, you do just that, which is why many businesses choose Text Marketer.

Virtual Mobile Number

A one-way MMS or online SMS strategy is flawed because it doesn’t give customers the chance to reply. Using popular communication apps is about interacting, so you want to start a two-way conversation. Text Marketer’s virtual mobile number does this by allowing people to message you directly or respond to your original text. The responses filter back to your email inbox and web-based account so that you can keep tabs on threads and respond accordingly. As soon as you reply, your messages will convert into an SMS so that the conversation is smooth and seamless.

Users only have to go to their Text Marketer login and check their inbox to see who has responded and how many, and their query. Like a standard phone number, you can promote your virtual number so that customers have access to it and can reach you on a variety of platforms.

SMS Surveys

There’s no need to rely on guesswork with an SMS survey. Text Marketer allows you to send one to a UK number and receive feedback. Once you have it, you can tweak your services so that they reflect the needs and wants of your customers.

You decide what questions you ask to tailor the responses around the essential facets of the company. For their part, Text Marketer sends them and then provides analytics on the reactions and export data. Text Marketer is that thorough that it gives its customers feedback on top of feedback!

In text marketing, brands must have access to constructive criticism to ensure they are constantly offering the best service possible.

Who Should Use Text Marketer’s Services?

Because they are versatile, they are perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs in a range of sectors. Whether you’re an independent retailer, boutique, or a restaurant, you can benefit from this UK based company.

Not only does Text Marketer provide solutions that centre on MMS and SMS, but they also manage the whole thing. With their Managed Mobile Marketing scheme, there is no point in worrying as you can let the experts do the hard work. They take care of the campaign by consulting with you on your goals and crafting bespoke designs to hit said targets.

Bosses should outsource because it’s a time-saver and it’s cost-effective. Text Marketer ensures there is no hassle involved, too.

The Technical Stuff

Text Marketer understands that jargon is complicated and poses more questions than it answers. So, its SMS API is developed to integrate quickly and efficiently so that you’re up and running in minutes. They are so confident that they believe any piece of software can hook-up to their UK SMS gateway.

You can even get to know the code to ensure you understand the nuts and bolts of the foundation of your marketing campaign.

Text Marketer

Text Marketer is a cheap and effective way to use SMS messaging to generate leads, increase sales and raise awareness of your brand.

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