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Fast SMS offers services relating to SMS marketing and campaigns. If you’re trying to improve your marketing approach and incorporate more strategies into it, using this kind of software could be the way to do it. Fast SMS is one of many options, but they place more emphasis on personal support than its competitors. Read on to find out more about what makes it unique.

About Fast SMS

The origins of Fast SMS go all the way back to 1997 and has developed and changed massively in the 22 years since then. They offer SMS and bulk SMS services, strong personal support and clear pricing. They place an emphasis on being open to everyone and making it easy to get started with their platform, even for businesses that have never used text marketing before.

Services and Features

Now we’re going to discuss the services and features offered by Fast SMS to its customers. There’s a wide range and they can satisfy a variety of marketing needs your business might have.

Receive Texts Online Directly to Your Phone

Sending text blasts is obviously an important part of what Fast SMS can help you with. But you can also receive online SMS messages directly to your phone too. A virtual phone number can be used to do this and you can then set an unlimited number of keywords that allow you to filter your incoming messages.

Manage Contacts

It’s very easy to manage your contacts with Fast SMS and that’s something that’s obviously very important because when you can manage your contacts, you can have more control over your SMS campaigns. You can add, delete and edit contacts in one place and the process couldn’t be easier.

Run Reports and Get Alerts

Whenever you’re logged into your Fast SMS account, you’ll be able to access reports and statistics relating to your campaigns. Real-time delivery reports allow you to understand whether or not your messages are reaching their destinations and being received. Detailed account reports can also be generated by the software platform.

SMS Web Pagess

You can also create your own mobile landing pages. By linking to these in your SMS messages, you can ensure that people immediately head to where you want them to. It can be tailored to the aims of your campaign and you can be sure that the web page will function on mobile devices because that’s where it’ll be viewed.

Send SMS Online

Being able to send your SMS messages out to recipients online is a vital feature and your Fast SMS login makes it very easy for you to do exactly that. Bulk SMS messages can be sent out, allowing businesses to save time, money and resources. It’s a convenient way to run your SMS marketing campaign.


Fast SMS features can be integrated into your own software with SMS API, which is a nice option to have. You can use your preferred programming language and have easy access to the things you need. As a Fast SMS client, you’ll have easy access to developer documentation and support you need in order to integrate Fast SMS features with your software.

Email to SMS

This feature allows you to send individual or bulk SMS messages to recipients via your regular email account. The software provided by Fast SMS converts your emails to SMS messages and sends them out for you. When they reply, it’ll be converted back to an email and it’ll land in your email inbox.


There are some specific things about the service offered by Fast SMS that make it stand out and that appeal to its customers. Learn more about them here.

Tier-1 UK Routes

Strong routes are important and Fast SMS only uses Tier-1 UK routes. That means you won’t have to worry about slowdowns and poor connections holding you back as you embark on your SMS marketing campaign. You’ll benefit from high speeds and the best possible deliverability chances.

Global Coverage

You can send messages to recipients all over the world if you want to. That’s definitely a big benefit. Sending SMS messages overseas to foreign territories will cost a little more, but the option is there if you ever need to use it thanks to the global coverage offered by Fast SMS.

UK Data Centres

All of the storage solutions offered by your Fast SMS login are UK data centres. You’ll know exactly where your data is being stored and it means you’ll get the most in terms of performance and security. It’s one less thing for you to have to worry about and that’s certainly a relief from a business point of view.

Quick and Reliable Customer Service

Clients who’ve worked with Fast SMS already often remark on how quick and reliable the company’s customer service is. It’s something that you can rely on, providing you with much- needed peace of mind.


You pay for the service by the credit and one credit is worth one text message that’s 160 characters long or less that’s sent to a UK mobile phone number. Longer messages can be sent but these will cost more credits. If you buy more credits, you’ll save money by paying less for each one in total. For example, you can buy 500 credits for £20 or 1,000 credits for £38. There’s a range of other credit amounts you can buy, including 10,000 credits for £360, 50,000 credits for £1,650, 250,000 credits for £7,000 and 1,000,000 credits for £21,000. And there are other pricing bands too.

There’s no monthly setup costs and the credits you buy don’t expire. A dedicated shortcode costs £750 to set up and costs £900 per month after that. Keyword on shared shortcode costs £25 per month or £250 per year.

The pricing structure offered by Fast SMS is plain and simple and represents real value for money. When you consider the benefits and features mentioned above, it’s clear that Fast SMS offers value for money and it’s an SMS service provider that’s worthy of consideration.

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