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If your business is looking to improve its marketing campaigns and you’re particularly interested in branching out into SMS marketing, FireText is one of the companies that can assist with that. They offer a service that helps with sending and receiving messages as well as a variety of other vital services to businesses like yours.

If you’re looking for a free text UK service you can trust, is FireText the best option for you? That’s what we’re going to assess today. Keep reading to learn more about the company and its bulk SMS services, as well as the ways in which you can expect to benefit from those services.

About FireText

FireText is a company made up of SMS marketing experts and it’s been around since 2007. They focus on offering great support and services that help businesses improve their overall approach to marketing. They’ve built a powerful and easy to use platform that has, over the years, improved and developed into the platform it is today. Their UK-based marketing experts have grown the business over the past 12 years and their reputation for strong customer service is unquestionable.

Services and Features

FireText offers a wide variety of services and features that you should know about before you decide whether to work with their software. Here’s more about each of the key services and features on offer.

Send Messages

FireText’s SMS software allows you to send messages easily, whether it’s as part of a campaign to send out thousands of messages at once or a single message at a time. It’s a free SMS UK service to begin with if you use the free trial. From there, you can schedule and personalise them according to your needs.

Receive Replies

When you have a FireText login and a FireText login, you’ll easily receive replies to the campaign messages you send out. Messages can also be forwarded to the email address you’re using for your campaign or another mobile phone, depending on what your requirements are. It makes engaging with leads simple and straightforward.

Schedule Messages

Scheduling messages is made easy with FireText. Not only can you schedule your messages to be sent out at exactly the right time and date, but you can also change and update those schedule times whenever you need to. You’re in complete control of the scheduling process and it’s more than possible to make any necessary changes.

Delivery Reporting

FireText allows you to use delivery reporting to find out how your campaigns are performing. This reporting is available whether you’re sending out a message to one number or lots of messages to many different recipients. You can then filter out unused numbers you don’t keep sending messages to them when they’re not being read or received.

Email to SMS

You can compose emails and send them via the FireText Email to SMS service. It’ll immediately be converted to an SMS and be sent to recipients, and the recipient can reply to those SMS messages and they’ll be received in your email inbox. It makes the whole process of SMS marketing more streamlined and convenient.

SMS Tracking

When embarking on a bulk SMS delivery campaign, you need as much data as possible at your disposal. You can track URL links and obtain data that could be useful in future campaigns. All this is made possible by the FireText platform. You can learn things such as how many times links are clicked and when people are clicking them, as well as much more.


Putting a keyword on your shortcode is a good way to get more people to interact with your company. FireText makes it possible for you to set up new keywords and pre-set auto-replies. That way, your customers will get information that’s relevant to them and their needs and you won’t miss out on leads.

Developer API

If you need to connect your account with your app or website, the FireText API makes that possible. It provides various tools that allow you to manage your account and develop things in the way you need to. It’s a way of providing more options and flexibility to customers.

3rd Party Integration

FireText can integrate with a range of third party applications. This can allow for ecommerce possibilities and all kinds of other options that benefit businesses and their customers. Zapier, Shopify, Eventbrite and many other applications can be integrated with FireText using the FireText SMS API. Other integrations are being added regularly.


There’s a range of benefits that come with using FireText for your online SMS needs and any other SMS marketing needs you might have. Find out all about those benefits below.

Safe and Secure

FireText is known for high standards in safety and security. This is obviously an important factor for customers, and they’ll be glad to know that FireText meets the criteria set by the Direct Marketing Association. That’s why businesses know that their data is safe when they use the FireText platform.

Rigorously Tested

This bulk SMS service has been tested thoroughly and the software has been put through its paces long before release. Most importantly, the company has passed the penetration testing set by the UK government to test the stability and security of websites. That should give all clients more peace of mind.

Tier-1 Networks

Businesses require high-quality connections and they can benefit from those when they choose the services offered by FireText. Only Tier-1 and UK direct connections are used to deliver the messages that you pay for, and they’re always sent immediately. That’s important when you’re aiming to run a successful SMS marketing campaign.


There’s always a chance things can go wrong and knowing that there’s support at hand to get you out of trouble is obviously important. FireText has a team of UK-based SMS experts that are always able to answer questions and offer solutions when any problems arise. That guidance can be pivotal for businesses like yours.


The way in which FireText is able to integrate with such a wide range of software platforms really makes it stand out from the crowd. It’s something that’s increasingly important to businesses and it makes life a lot easier when this kind of options is available to you.

UK Data Centres

Only UK cloud hosting data centres are used to secure your data when you use FireText. This is important because it makes it 100% lear where your data is being stored and you can have confidence that it’s going to be safe and secure at all times.


There are two pricing packages available from FireText. The first is the Small Business package, which gives you free platform access, API and support. This costs 4p per credit and you can try it for free before you commit to paying any money for the service. If you’re looking to buy more than 1000 messages, you need to choose the Enterprise package and you can request a quote in order to find out how much this will cost for your business. With both packages, you can pay £5 per month for a dedicated reply number and £12 per month for keywords on 82228.

All marketing companies can benefit from using FireText and the benefits it brings to marketing campaigns. It’s a reliable platform that’s developed a strong reputation for delivering good service and a wealth of options to its customers. It’s been around for well over a decade now and they have a team of knowledgeable SMS marketing experts.

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