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Text Anywhere is a leading SMS service provider that helps its clients with bulk SMS campaigns and many other things relating to that niche. When looking for an SMS service provider for your business to work with, Text Anywhere is definitely one of the brands to consider. They claim to put their clients’ needs first and they have a proven pedigree that can back this up.

About Text Anywhere

Text Anywhere is a UK business set up in 2003. They offer text message solutions to businesses and that’s the sole aim and focus of the business. They work with businesses that are run by one person, as well as much bigger businesses and public sector organisations and educational institutions too. There’s a free trial that customers can use to try it out and it’s simple to get started.

Services and Features

What matters most about Text Anywhere is the range of services and features it offers to potential customers like yourself. Many businesses already use these services so read on to learn more about them.

Send and Receive SMS Online

The ability to send SMS online is the main service and feature offered by Text Anywhere. You can send and receive SMS messages online using this intuitive software platform and ensure all of the right contacts are being targeted by your SMS marketing campaign. An address book can be created, managed and edited whenever necessary.

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Bulk SMS messaging is a big part of what Text Anywhere offers to its business customers. It’s a great feature for anyone looking to run one-off campaigns that make it necessary to send out identical messages to a large number of people. Bulk SMS campaigns are much easier to manage with Text Anywhere.

SMS Surveys

Analysing customer feedback is important for all kinds of businesses and it’s made possible by Text Anywhere. It’s a step-by-step tool that allows for the simple creation of surveys that are specific to your company and enable you to capture the feedback you’re looking for. That way, you can improve things going forward.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

If you’re looking to make it easier for customers to contact you, you can set up a virtual phone number. That’s something you can do with this software and the messages can be forwarded straight to your email inbox so you can read them easily and quickly. You can also set up auto- responders.

Short Codes

By setting up a short code, you make it possible for your customers an easy and effective way of contacting you via SMS. This is done by them texting a particular keyword to your short code. An automatic response can then be sent back to them, providing them with the information they were looking for.

SMS Alerts

The SMS alert feature allows you to send messages to your registers TextAlert address and they’re then forwarded to your pre-defined list of recipients. It allows important emails to be forwarded to the right people in an easy and straightforward way.

Partner Programs

Text Anywhere offers a range of partner programs that you might want to become a part of. If you want to integrate text messaging through your applications, you can use the Developer Program. There are text services including the Reseller Program and the White Label partner program too.


Here’s more information about the benefits customers tend to receive when they use the SMS services of Text Anywhere. If they reflect what you’re looking for, you might want to consider working with them.

Save Time

By sending out bulk SMS messages, it’s easy to save time and operate efficient marketing campaigns using Text Anywhere. Your text mail will be easy to organise and you can ensure that your recipients receive the messages you want them to. Text Anywhere makes it easy to integrate with SMS API, which can save a lot of time and effort too.

No Hidden Costs or Unexpected Charges

There are no hidden costs or unexpected charges for you to deal with when you decide to work with the Text Anywhere platform. You get what you pay for and all of the charges and fees are clear to you before you even start using the software. You can find out everything you need to know about the pricing structure in the category below.

Value for Money

With no setup fees, reply fees or monthly charges and the fact that you only pay for the messages you send, Text Anywhere certainly offers very good value for money. There are discounts that some organisations will be able to take advantage of. There’s no contact period of commitment either.

Good Support When It’s Needed

It’s easy to contact the professionals at Text Anywhere who are more than happy to talk to you about any issues you might be having. Their services are always available too. You can talk to the support team or the development team depending on what your specific problems are. It’s important to know that support is always going to be there.


There are no account setup costs or monthly charges and all support is free when you use Text Anywhere. It works by purchasing credits that can then be used to send messages; one credit equals one message. There are various message packs of different sizes, ranging from 250 at the lowest end to 100,000 at the highest end. These credits don’t expire and the messages can be up to 160 characters. Text Anywhere offers discounts for charities, educational establishments, NHS, housing associations and emergency services.

There are different pricing structures, meaning you can save money by purchasing more message credits. If you buy a pack of 250 credits, each will cost 4.90p. But if you buy 100,00 of them at once, you’ll pay 2.90p per message.

If your business is in need of SMS services you can rely on and that represent good value for money, you should consider working with Text Anywhere. There’s a good range of services and customers tend to speak positively of the business after having used their services.

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