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How To Carry Our Surveys Using Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail and SMS

Many companies conduct surveys for various reasons. Many times, it’s to learn what a user’s experience is like, to understand the needs of their clients and to understand the latest market trends. There are all kinds of tools and techniques that can be used to generate online surveys.

Do a search for free survey tools, questionnaire marker, free survey creator and survey generator, and you’ll find an array of tools that allow you to make your own online survey. However, the Drop Cowboy survey, when used with ringless voicemail drops and the SMS software, is one of the powerful survey tools you can have.

A Look At The Drop Cowboy Survey Experience

What is Drop Cowboy? It’s a great telecommunications software that provides users with the capability of setting up ringless voicemail, IVR and SMS. Users who want to create a mass survey can use the helpful guide to assist them in meeting their goals.

Direct To Voicemail

After your contacts list is loaded, you can request the survey be uploaded to Drop Cowboys where you are promoted to set up a pre-recorded MP3 RVM or create one. The message should be short and concise, personalizing it for every user.


Good day. My name is Richard from Drop Cowboy. Thank you for being a loyal customer. For that loyalty, we are providing you a 10 percent off coupon if you take a quick survey about your experience. If interested, please text SURVEY back to the listed number. Thank you and have a good day.

You’ll find that you have a 97 percent listen rate with the direct to voicemail options, but another thing is that your users feel they’ve had a personal experience and are likely to do the web survey.

How To Develop Your Own Online Surveys

Drop Cowboy provides you with the ability to develop autoresponder messages, which is set up using certain keywords that trigger the response to a person’s query. When you create the autoresponder, you can add your survey’s hyperlink for people to click on and fill out.


Hello. I’m Rhonda with Call Cowboy. We are offering you a completely FREE toll-free phone number if you participate in our brief survey. Text SURVEY back to this number.
Customer Texts: SURVEY
Auto Text Reply: Thank you. You’re the best. Click on the link to take the 60-second survey (Add in your SURVEY link).

Consider the free survey maker in Google Forms, which will allow you to produce an array of questionnaires. After the form has been made, you can set up a URL so people can publicly view it. Some other survey builders you can use include:

  • Airtable
  • Formsite
  • Survey Monkey
  • Typeform

Set Up A Time For Your Survey

Once the voicemail has been recorded and the form created, it’s time to set up the schedule for the survey. Drop Cowboy lets you set the parameters of when the survey needs to be done. Once you do that, it’s all you need to worry about.

Use The Drop Cowboy Survey To Gauge Your Customers’ Experience

The most important thing for any business is customer satisfaction and retention. How can you know if your customer is happy with your service? You need to set up a survey using an online survey software. There are many survey maker programs that can create the questionnaire. And, once you do this, you need a marketing strategy that lures customers to complete it.

Most businesses use email blasts to help them get feedback. However, email marketing isn’t as good as it used to be and has a 0.005 percent open-rate. Drop Cowboy has come up with a program that lets businesses communicate with customers on a personal level. The program is known as ringless voicemail drops.

Sample Survey Questions

How was your Drop Cowboy experience?

  • A – Great
  • B – Satisfactory
  • C – Poor

Are you likely to use our service again?

  • Yes
  • No

How likely will you recommend our service to other people?

  • Likely
  • Not likely

The key is to have a short survey, so you get the answers you’re looking for.

After you set up the survey form and uploaded it to the web, you can use the RVM marketing. What is RVM marketing? It’s ringless voicemail, which sends a message to a customer’s landline or mobile voicemail. Direct to voicemail marketing is far better than email marketing, with a 97 percent listen rate. And, keep in mind, the more personal of a touch the voicemail has, the higher the chance of customers filling out the survey.

What Kind of Experience Can You Get With the Drop Cowboy Online Survey?

Record or upload a pre-recorded customized voicemail marketing message.


At Drop Cowboy, we understand that your user experience is everything. We want to thank you for being a great customer. To improve the software, we are asking for your help, and a 10 percent off voicemail drops for filling out our survey. Text SURVEY to this number to participate in the survey. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  • Load the phone number list
  • Paste the survey URL that you want customers to go to when they text back
  • Set up your campaign

Carry Out Market Research Using Drop Cowboy Surveys

It’s never been easier to carry out market research with the online survey tools that has to offer. Drop Cowboys lets you create a personalized message asking customers if they would like to be a part of the market research so you can learn more about your target audience.

Market research surveys can help you get information about demographics, buying patterns and psychographics so you can understand the market’s needs. If you do market research, you can save your company millions of dollars on failed products and marketing plan that doesn’t work. Before you start your next campaign, Drop Cowboy will inform you to do a market research survey to learn more about your customers.

There are many kinds of market research surveys that your company can carry out including:

  • Market Profiling Surveys – The characteristics tend to include demographic factors like income, psychographic factors like values and geographic factors like region.

  • Product Concept Surveys – This survey allows you to understand the product to ensure the best qualities are highlighted.

  • Purchase Analysis Surveys – This gives you an understanding of the purchase amount and the amount of goods and services that need to be sold.

  • Retention Analysis Surveys – The idea is to understand how likely your customers will come back and buy your service/product again. It also helps you to understand where you need improvement.

Drop Cowboy can help you to easily carry out your market research campaign. It allows you to collect a list of people who would fill out the survey. Once you get the list, you load it into the Drop Cowboy’s simple interface and upload a customized MP3 Ringless Voicemail, paste your URL to the survey and set up the campaign.

The ringless voicemail drop surveys from Drop Cowboys have a 20 percent conversion rate with a 97 percent listen rate. Make sure the message is quick and concise, and give the consumers something to look forward to after they finish the survey.


This is Monica with Drop Cowboy Groceries. We are offering a 30 percent off coupon for your next purchase if you would take time out of your day to do a survey. If so, please text the word SURVEY to this number, and thank you for being a loyal Drop Cowboy Groceries customer.

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