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SMS Global is an SMS messaging platform for businesses based in Australia. The service allows companies to communicate with their audiences en masse via SMS, one of the most promising marketing channels available today.

SMSGlobal started over ten years ago when the founder recognized the untapped potential of the SMS text messaging market for business. While it had been possible for individuals to send messages online for a long time, there was a lack of quality platforms for marketing.

Carl Krumins, a man with a passion of all things technology-related, founded the company in 2009 in his garage before migrating to offices in Melbourne, AU, and then Dubai in the UAE.

Just a year after launch in 2010, Global SMS won Mobile Company of the Year at the Australian Mobile Industry Awards.

It was evident to Krumins that businesses needed a more sophisticated API that would allow them to send out text messages and text blasts to their audiences from an app that integrated with their existing marketing software. The problem with many contemporary bulk SMS products is that they did not integrate. SMS Global, therefore, built a radical new API that would slot into practically any enterprise IT environment, letting both sales and marketing coordinate on text campaigns.

Since then, SMS Global has become a truly global company, opening offices in New York in 2017, and Zagreb, Croatia, in 2016.

SMS Global Services

So, with that said, what services does SMS Global offer its customers?

Send Messages From Web Portal Or CRM

One of the things that SMS Global set out to do early on was to integrate its SMS marketing services with popular CRM tools that the majority of companies in AU used to stay in touch with clients. It was clear from the outset that businesses wanted quick SMS services that integrated with their customer dashboards, allowing them to serve their audience better.

SMS Global, therefore, created a system that gave companies flexibility. They could either send messages from a web portal or their CRM and interact with customers directly. It was a piece of value-added that few other SMS services in Australia offered.

SMS Marketing Benefits

Set Up Precision Scheduling

The other thing that SMS Global wanted to do was make it easy for businesses to set up SMS scheduling. SMS Global believed that companies should have full control over when they send their marketing messages. They shouldn’t have to hire a marketing executive to sit there with their SMS Global portal open, waiting for the opportune time to send the message. They should be able to create it and then tell the app itself when it should get sent.

SMS Global, therefore, engineered a system that would do this. Customers can write messages in advance and then tell the platform precisely when they’d like them sent, and to whom.

Automate Customer Responses

Once a business sends out a text blast offensive through SMS Global, they’re liable to receive replies, especially if the text asks for them. Replying to hundreds or thousands of messages manually isn’t practical. SMS Global, therefore, provides its customers with tools that they can use to automate responses, depending on how recipients respond.

The company’s MX\t bulk SMS gateway lets customers create naturally-flowing conversations with their customers automatically, without having to go to the expense of putting a human in the loop.

Monitor Campaigns

Just like digital marketing, marketers using bulk SMS want tools that allow them to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. With the SMSGlobal MXT dashboard, businesses can track practically every aspect of their bulk SMS campaign. They can view things like open rates, click-through rates (if you include links), and response rates. Monitoring and reporting makes it easy to justify the use of Global SMS free and paid services to management.

Why Choose SMS Global?

With so many bulk SMS platforms in AU and across the world, why choose SMS Global?

Global Delivery

Sandbox Development And Testing

Often you’re not ready to go ahead with a campaign immediately. Sometimes you want to hold back, test your methods, and then check that you’ve got the right strategy. Paying upfront for a campaign you’re not sure will generate the desired results isn’t ideal.

Unlike the vast majority of bulk SMS services, SMS Global offers what it calls a “sandbox service” allowing you to play around with and test campaigns before they go live.

The importance of testing beforehand cannot be understated. Companies need to prove their integration with the SMS Global portal works and check that end-to-end delivery. The sandbox also allows firms to test proprietary code before going live.

Secure SSL SMS Communications

SMS Global offers SSL encryption across its servers as standard. For businesses that want additional security, it can also provide a Cisco VPN.

SMS Route Management

One of SMS Global’s key differentiators is the ability to send messages to customers as quickly as possible. As a bulk SMS service, that’s part of the company’s appeal. Customers can communicate with customers in a matter of seconds - and at worst, within three minutes. It’s this real-time communication that makes SMS Global so appealing.

To get speeds to the levels that customers expect, the company uses something called SMS route management. The technology provides high-throughput message delivery for all customers, reducing latency and preventing message backlogs.

Build Support

Finally, SMS Global provides extensive support for companies wanting to integrate its product into their existing software stack. The company offers copious API documentation to support all of its software products showing how to integrate it with existing systems. Customers can also download the latest snippets and patches from the firm’s Github account.

The SMS Global help desk runs 24/7, offering round-the-clock technical support. Customers can get in touch with the company at any time with their questions and concerns.

SMS Global currently has offices in Melbourne, AU, New York US, San Diego, US, Dubai, UAE, and Auckland, NZ. Set up is easy and requires an account. Pricing is transparent and on a per-text basis.

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