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If you didn't already know, MLS stands for ‘multiple listing service.’ This is a marketing database set up by a group of real estate brokers in order to provide accurate data about properties that are for sale. It is also for brokers to offer compensation to buyer brokers who bring buyers for their listed properties.

The Flexmls system provides tools that help to keep agents and realtors ahead of the curve in the fast paced real estate industry of today. It is unlike many other mls systems out there, and is used by thousands of realtors to show their properties to a huge number of people. Many are able to get their work done to a higher standard, and find that they build better relationships with their audience as a result.

Plus, eith Flexmls, MLSs and associations will have peace of mind knowing that they are getting innovative web and mobile products supported by a professional, personal service.

Here, we’re going to talk more about MLS and Flexmls for those who are considering the benefits of using one for their business and clients.

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More About MLS And The Rules/Procedures

Brokers in a market area join an MLS in order to share listing information about homes for sale with other brokers. Every broker wants as many other brokers as possible to know about their listings and bring buyers who have an interest in them, and the system is great for this. It allows brokers to expose their properties to a huge number of people that they would otherwise have been unlikely to reach.

Every MLS has its own set of procedures and rules, however, and they are usually based on regulations published by the National Association of Realtors® (when the membership is all realtors). If the rules are not adhered to, you may be fined.

The term ‘MLS’ isn’t simply referring to one network, but multiple networks all over the country. Many MLS groups are breaking off all the time so there really isn’t an accurate list out there.

Benefits of MLS Databases

  • Considered to be the most accurate for property details on the internet
  • Fines generated if a member doesn’t enter a listing by the deadline
  • MLS wants to maintain a high level of accuracy and quality, including images of a property

The information is only technically available to participating brokers, but they can be generous about sharing the information free of charge - so the public does tend to have access. This means everybody in an area can see the properties available and know that they are looking at the most accurate information they will find on the web, from the description to the images. You are not allowed to mislead anybody using an MLS.

Of course this means that certain information is kept under wraps for a seller’s safety, like personal information and notes on whether there is anybody living in the home listed. The last thing brokers want is criminals to target an empty house, or something else to go awry. The MLS could easily be used for criminal activity if certain information was not kept under wraps.

The Flexmls System

Now, onto the Flexmls system and the benefits of it. Put simply, Flexmls is a system designed for agents who want to be able to enjoy the benefits of an MLS and much more. It is user friendly and those who begin to use it quickly learn how to navigate it.

You can use the flex mls system to search by MLS number, property address, neighborhood, zip code or a variety of custom parameters in real time that were not available previously. This ensures that a broker, or anybody else using the system can easily find the exact type of property they are looking for - even if they want to specify the type of flooring, number of parking spaces available, and whether it has a fireplace or not.

The following search criteria is available:

  • Dwelling type
  • Year built
  • School district
  • Parking spaces
  • Model
  • Property description
  • Flooring
  • Exterior features
  • Fireplace
  • Special listing conditions
  • Listing status

There are many useful features on the system but listing status is likely to be one of the most significant features for users, as you are able to see what properties are available or under contract in real time. Most websites still list pending sales and UCB as active listings (which they are not as they are under contract with another buyer). This makes it so much easier to see what stage each property is at and whether they are readily available for certain buyers or not.

Then there are additional features, such as satellite mapping and 3D street views so you can see instant tours of properties. Although many people will want an in person tour of a property, a 3D street view could potentially save a trip if a property turned out to be unsuitable.

Registered users also get 24/7 access to a customizable portal where they are able to perform useful tasks, including:

  • Set up email alerts
  • Select and track your favorite properties
  • See pricing adjustments
  • See new listings in real time
  • And more

Making these custom changes can ensure that the mls matrix is showing you all of the information you need in real time, and that you’re not being clouded by any useless information. You will be able to get on with your day knowing exactly what is going on with the MLS and properties in your area.

The fact that the system allows users to customize it and doesn’t need users to conform to the system is one of the biggest benefits - but more on this later on.

Why Use Flexmls?

Flexmls allows ease of use to perform tasks in a web based multi browser compatible system. It offers flexibility to fit a variety of members at any time. This means that members who are always on the move, and even those who prefer to use mobile devices to stay up to date can use the flex mls system with ease. Flxmls is so popular because many realtors are on the move all day long, and nobody wants to miss something important and continue their day without that information. Information only available on a PC could seriously hinder progress and will make things move much slower.

The system makes it possible to keep clients engaged and up to date with listings, and some say it can even make using an MLS system enjoyable - which has been pretty much unheard of until now. The old days of only being able to use MLSs on computers are gone, and brokers no longer have to worry about slow moving days where they struggle to complete their tasks. They can find out just about anything they need to at the click of a button and ensure clients are kept up to date, too.

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Products Available On Flexmls

Here’s a quick idea of the products available on the Flexmls site.

Flexmls MLS System

The Flexmls MLS system can be used for things like search, client collaboration, reporting, and mobile tools.

With this system, agents can work anywhere, any time using any device. It is highly convenient for agents who may always be on the move. Agents can search for properties, collaborate with clients easily, create reports, and use various tools while they are on the move. It’s a great system for agents who may be moving from location to location, viewing various properties, and setting up meetings.

Spring MLS Portal

The Spring MLS portal is a search engine optimized real estate portal for local MLS. Built on Spark API, this portal is mobile-responsive and custom-branded. Spring MLS offers online house-hunting experience, as well as fast, accurate and easy collaboration between online customers and real estate professionals.

IDX Solutions

Flexmls IDX products give Agents the power of the Flexmls search and listing display on their own website(s) tailored to the needs of your business and your customers’ needs.

Alongside this, information such as Live listing data, complete search and all photos, videos, maps, documents, open house and other public information is available and ensures the online consumer stays engaged.

Benefits of Using Flexmls

The Flexmls site has numerous benefits for realtors and agents who are looking for an easy way to search listings in the area and keep clients engaged. Not only do the team post tips and tricks every week to their social media pages that may help you to get better results, the following benefits can usually be found from using this matrix mls product.

Engage your customers

Flexmls Web can enable agents to build relationships with clients and maintain them over time. Not only this, many find that they get work done more effectively and to a higher standard, which is another great way to keep your clients on side.

Flxmls is an ideal way to keep clients engaged and ensure they want to work with you in the long term. With the client collaboration tools available, the matrix mls system is like nothing you will have ever used before.

Go Mobile Easily

Flex mls allows your business and your customers to use it when they are on the go. More and more people are remote workers these days, moving from place to place and meeting with clients to strike up deals. No two days tend to be the same. That’s why, whether you’re using your iPad to access the mls matrix or using one of the specially designed applications, access to the MLS data is available any time. In the past this was unheard of, but the Flxmls understand that data should be available whenever and wherever it is needed these days.

You can use the Flxmls system whether you’re using your mobile phone, tablet, or another device. The revolutionary feature is changing the way that agents work all over the world.

The System Will Conform To Fit Your Needs

The system will conform to fit your needs, offering flexibility and control. Unlike other systems, Flexmls does not require you to conform your business to the system. MLSs, brokers, and agents can each control the system using the administrative module and customizing the user preferences.

The system can be adjusted to your needs whatever you want to see/do. This allows you to run your business and go about your day in the way you see fit, rather than having to arrange things dependent on an old fashioned system.

Easily Navigate The System

This mls matrix system is easy to learn how to navigate, and a consistent experience is provided across all platforms as a result. Search templates and saved searches can help to save you time, and many of the easy to use features available can also help the user with context sensitive help. Video tutorials, webinars, and in person training are also available for the Flexmls system. The training available ensures that everybody is on the same page and that you an begin using the system almost right away.

Unparalleled Support

Something that you just don’t get with a regular MLS system, is suppoty.

The support on the flex mls system is second to none, and the Flexmls team are dedicated to helping you to provide the very best service to your customers. As the company is 100% employee owned, experienced FBS Support team is your trusted resource. They will help you to solve problems quickly so you can continue your work and get everything done. Whatever you may be having trouble with, support is always on hand to offer guidance and advice that will allow you to continue your day.

The support and overall effectiveness of the system provides speed and accuracy when you need it most.

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Is Flexmls Right For You?

There are many benefits that using an MLS like Flexmls can offer to the consumer. As a seller, you can ensure that your property is out there for thousands of potential buyers to see. You would otherwise never reach these buyers, and would be limited to who you could show your property to. When a larger amount of people can see these properties, you have more chance of selling to the right people, and at a faster pace.

A buyer can enjoy the benefit of instant access to listings that match their specified criteria, not just price range and location, which can often mean taking up a lot more time that a buyer simply doesn’t want to waste. This is one of the main reasons that better relationships are built.

Whether they want to see a house with a lake view, or a huge garage, the list can be narrowed down and they can find exactly what they are looking for. It takes a matter of minutes to find an abundance of suitable properties fitting the criteria perfectly. With the ability to also view the property in 3D, it can allow a buyer to further narrow down their search and even eliminate the need to visit certain properties in person.

Using this system tends to save a lot of time and hassle for all parties and can be used in a number of instances, making it suitable for just about anyone.

A system like Flexmls may be right for you if you would like to:

  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Build and maintain better relationships with your audience over time
  • Allow sellers to show their homes to the largest possible audience
  • Share listings and previous sales and data with other brokers
  • Avoid creating your own separate system of cooperation
  • See changes in real time and get alerts when you’re on the move
  • Use the system wherever you may be, with any device
  • Level the playing field so that brokerages of any size can compete with one another
  • Customize a system so that it suits you, not the other way around
  • Get 24/7 unparalleled support when you need help with the system
  • Enjoy many training options when it comes to learning how to navigate the system, such as webinars and other types of training that can be self directed


Flexmls has many benefits in comparison to other multiple listing services. Not only will you be able to find buyers more quickly and efficiently than you would creating your own database, you can ensure you have built a great relationship with your clients and that you can get your work done to the highest standard - even if you’re on the go. Wherever you may be, whatever device you may be using, you can enjoy the benefits of the flex mls system and get things done much faster.

Thousands of real estate professionals are using this mls matrix to expose their properties to a larger group of people and ensure they are found by as many potential buyers as possible. No other mls system has the same benefits as flex mls, so it could be great if you want to amp up your results. Both you and your clients will benefit from using such a system.


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