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Regardless of whether you are selling your house, renting a new flat, looking for a new commercial property or putting a home up for rent, you will likely use Rightmove.co.uk. This website is the largest property portal for the UK, beating out similar offerings on the market such as Zoopla.

A Brief History Of Rightmove

Rightmove UK originally started in 2000 and was run by four of the top estate agencies currently on the market. These were Countrywide, Halifax, Connells as well as Royal and Sun Alliance. By 2002, the business had begun offering the service to other businesses and started charging letting agents.

Through 2006, the company was floated on the London Stock Exchange and started with £3.35 for each share.

The next year, the company began providing different property advertising products to agents as well as new home developers. This allowed users to completely differentiate any properties that they were representing on the market.

Through 2009 and 2010 Rightmove launched their own mobile app which is still accessible to users today and updated regularly. The app is free to use and provides the same information that clients can access from their phones or their tablets in seconds.

By 2010, advertising options had expanded further beyond the typical products. Instead, the companies were now able to talk about themselves and provide detail about individual agents, similar to newspaper advertising. Now, this type of advertising accounts for a third of total revenues for the business.

In 2012, the revenue of the company surpassed £100 million. As well as this, page impressions had reached 11 billion each year. As such, Rightmove ranked as the sixth most popular site in the UK overall.

This gives a clear idea of how important the Rightmove UK is for the UK housing market. It is the number one choice for everyone regardless of whether you are a buyer, a renter, a seller or an agent advertising on the service. Currently, the site receives over 127.5 million visits per month and has just over 1.1 million properties listed.

Brand Association

When you are accessing a smaller property portal you might find the words ‘’powered by’’ followed by Rightmove. This is due to the fact that the company actually owns or is officially associated with a number of smaller listings. For instance, in 2015, the company became the exclusive portal partner for the London Evening Standard. This means that if you search through the London Evening Standard website for properties or view them, you are actually accessing Rightmove. Rightmove co uk isn’t the only property portal that has bought or is officially associated with other businesses. The Zoopla group have purchased their fair share as well. However, the company still dominates the market.

It is also worth noting that a number of estate agents have formed together to create On The Market. The portal only receives about seven million visitors a day and contrary to belief, advertising on this portal does not mean that an agent will disregard other portals completely. Instead, they will advertise the property first On The Market and then follow up using one of the two main property portals.

Can You List On Rightmove Yourself?

If you are selling a home or a property, you might be wondering whether you can simply advertise your house through this portal yourself. Can you essentially cut out the agent completely? This isn’t a possibility and instead, you do need an agent for your home to appear on a portal like this.

What you can do is instruct your agent that this is where you would like your property to appear. While many agents will likely add your property to the website as a standard for their service, others may favour alternative portals. You have every right to express you want your home to appear on Rightmove UK. You can also choose an agent based on this requirement.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider choosing a purely online service. With an online service, the focus will be on advertising your property on portals and potentially as many as possible. It is a way to save money while still getting your home in front of the largest selling audience possible.

While there are other smaller portals that do allow you to list your home without an agent, the monthly visits are far lower. For instance, The House Shop claim they receive 600,000 visits every month but that’s nothing compared to the 125 million Rightmove UK receives.

If you are an estate agent, lettings agent or even a new home developer, then you can advertise through Rightmove. However, you still need to make sure that you match a certain level of criteria. This means that you can’t start using the service immediately. Instead, you will need to contact the business directly to find out whether you are eligible.

To do this, you need to fill out an enquiry form online. At that point, a local representative of the company will contact you. They will then set up a meeting where the most suitable package that meets your needs and business requirements will be arranged.

How Much Does Advertising Cost On This Website?

It’s difficult to say specifically how much an agency will pay if they choose to advertise through Rightmove and they are eligible for this service. Prices tend to fluctuate and will be different depending on what you need. When you contact Rightmove, they will recognize what they think is the right package for you. However, you can opt to go beyond this and pay more.

There are three different maybe packages available if you choose to advertise through the service. These are:

  • Essential
  • Enhanced
  • Optimiser

Each package provides different benefits. For £800 per month, agents get property listings, branded listings as well as webinars and training. There are also market intelligence reports and fifty percent off products.

Enhanced provides all the features included in the Essential package and further includes a reduced core membership as well as select advertising products. This package is priced at £1,250 per month.

Optimiser is the ultimate package available. For £1,500 per month, you get optimised branding on your property, microsite and exclusive access to brand new products. There’s no core membership and you can also build comprehensive campaigns to build your business and brand exposure.

If you are a seller or a landlord using an agency that is accessing the portal to advertise your property, you won’t have to pay anywhere near this. The service will be included in your cost but it will only amount to about £60 to £80. This will depend on the agency you choose. This is simply due to the fact that any agency will have countless clients with properties on the portal at any given time.

What Is Rightmove Plus?

This is a portal for estate agents and businesses who are using the website for their clients and it is designed to help businesses on the market grow. It provides a wide range of tools estate agents can use to keep a check on their market and their competition using options such as Agent Competitor Analysis. Using the solution you can access a number of variables, customise the results and create graphs that are clear and simple to understand. You have complete control over the area that these reports cover so you can make them as specific as you like.

It is possible to select info for a specific postcode district or sector as well. Alternatively, you can use the format functionality. This tool will provide you with a map of a specific area. You can then drag a section over the area you are interested in and show results specifically for this location. You can choose exactly what streets and areas of certain location that you want to view and include. Ultimately, this means that regardless of whether you are operating on a regional level or something more specific, you can use the portal to view areas that matter most to you. Maps that you create using this tool can also be saved. As such, they can be accessed for use by individual branches or your specific individuals in your business.

You can check out data on new listings, keep a check on your market share with the available stock report, explore the average time on the market and the average CTR. CTR is particularly important because it shows whether your marketing and advertisements for your properties are hitting the mark.

These reports are completely customisable to ensure that they are matching your target market. This includes different price points, number of beds, min stock, dates added and type of property.

Ultimately, using this service, you can gain visual representations of the real estate market and your position as an agency. You will even know how to spend your money more effectively to benefit your clients when advertising their properties. It is ideal if you need to gain a competitive edge in your local market.

These aren’t the only fantastic benefits agents get by using this service. The tool now also provides options for training your teams to make sure that they are providing the best service possible to your clients. With online webinars and face to face seminars both available, sales agents can get the support and information they need to provide the ultimate solution for every client.

Another great service available is telephone lead recording. This ensures that every conversation held with a potential buyer or seller does count. You can also view the data at a later stage and learn from the right steps that have been taken or improve upon mistakes.

The tool can also help ensure that agents are marketing properties they are representing at the right price. This will guarantee better results for customers and clients, and potentially faster sales. It could even lead to more positive reviews and a solid reputation on the market.

As such, the portal for clients provides the ultimate system to help estate agencies grow and evolve on the market. It is far beyond any other offering on the market available from other portals.

Using The Portal For Searches

If you are using Right Move UK for searches, then you have two options. You can either search for homes for sale or homes for rent.

Searching To Buy

If you are looking to buy you simply need to type in location info into the search bar and select buy. This could be a postcode, a specific point of interest, a city a town or a street.

Once you have done this, you will then be able to narrow down your search to a more specific location. You can choose a range of prices to explore that match your budget and you can set a search radius. It’s possible that you want to live a certain distance away from a specific point and you can play with these variables using the portal. You can also choose the property type too be it a house, flat, bungalow, land or commercial property. You can then select the number of rooms that you want which is useful if you’re searching for the perfect family home on the market.

You can also determine whether you want to see properties that have been on the website for a long time and whether you want to view properties that are under offer. It’s possible that you do want to see properties under offer because this will provide you with the option of still enquiring about them.

Once you have selected these options, you can then explore the listings for properties that match your set targets. You can view them based on the lowest price, highest price, oldest listed and newest listed.

It’s also possible to explore properties based on certain keywords. For instance, you might be looking for a home with a certain feature like a carport. Using this keyword will ensure that if there is a property with this keyword included in the listing or info, it will appear at the top.

Once you have the listings, you can then alter a number of other variables as well:

You can say that your home must:

  • Have a garden
  • Be part of a shared ownership
  • Be a new home
  • Be a retirement home
  • Have Full parking
  • Be an auctioned property

You can avoid homes that are:

  • A new build
  • A retirement home
  • A shared ownership

What you should ultimately get is a list of homes that only match the specifications that you are interested in. All the houses or properties that you see should be ones that you are interested in buying.

You can even save and compare different properties based on features, price and location. By doing this, you should be able to narrow down the perfect property for you. Once you have found a property that you like, you can then decide to contact the estate agent either directly through the portal or on the phone.

The portal also has a lot of great tools for potential buyers. For instance, at the bottom of the page, you will find the mortgage repayment calculation tool for the property. This will provide a clear idea of whether or not you can afford the property in question.

Searching To Rent

If you are searching on the Rightmove rent database, you can still begin by typing in a specific location, address or street. The first variables are slightly different. You can still set the price range but this is based on what you will pay per month. You can choose based on the area, the number of rooms, the type of property and when it was added to the site. You can also choose whether to include let agreed properties which can be useful as individuals will drop out of a letting agreement on occasion.

Once again, you are able to change your search based on the type of listings you want to see first. You can also still add keywords. For instance, you might want to find properties that allow pets and the Rightmove rent system does allow you to do that.

The additional filters that you can add to your search are different when renting. You can exclude homes that are a houseshare or a retirement home. Excluding house share does not always work as it should however this is likely due to agents failing to add the correct information or wanting their listing to appear for the widest audience possible.

You can decide to filter your listings by ensuring that they must:

  • Have a garden
  • Have parking
  • Be a houseshare
  • Be a retirement home

The portal also provides full support and an individual search system for students looking for properties.

Again, once you are happy with a property that you have found, you can then contact the estate agent.

Additional Tools

The portal does provide a number of additional tools that you can access when you are on the website. For instance, you can use the portal to search for an agent in your local area who will be able to represent your property on the market. You can once again search within a specific region and ensure that you find the right agent for you.

You can check house prices as well. This is useful for both agents and sellers to make sure that they are choosing the right price for a particular property. It guarantees that you don’t have to worry about accidentally overcharging based on how much homes are selling for in your area.

Are you interested in moving overseas? The app does offer support for individuals looking for a holiday home or perhaps eager to relocate abroad. You can find properties in various countries across Europe as well as America and Australia.

If you are a buy to let investor, you can also use the portal to sign up for potential notifications on auctions in your area or an area you are interested in. This can ensure that you are able to get ahead of the competition.

The portal even provides advice and resources for renters, sellers, buyers and agents alike. You can view a number of articles that will help you move or sell a property.

Exploring The Portal App

If you want to access the Rightmove co uk website through an app, that is a possibility. Rightmove have an App for Android and iPhone devices. As such, regardless of what portable device you are using, you will be able to access this solution. The idea of the app is to make searches as quick and easy as possible.

You can search by a particular location, quickly refine the search and then use this to find the right property for you. The app also provides three ways for you to view a property. This includes:

  • Map
  • Gallery
  • List

Each option focuses on providing a different perspective of a particular area of the property that you might be interested in. For instance, the map provides you with a birds-eye view of an area and the available properties that are currently up for sale or available to rent. With the gallery, you can explore key information while scrolling through full HD pictures of properties that you might be interested in. Or for more information on the different aspects of the property, you can access a list view. This does deliver all the information you could need as well as a snapshot of each individual property.

All the features that are available through the website are accessible through the app. This includes market information, school checker, street view, map view and floor plans. You can even sync it up across all your devices. So, if you have been viewing a property on one device, you can then switch to another and look at it through the web application. To do this, you just need to log in or create an account if you don’t already have one. The app is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and provide the ultimate benefits that users have come to expect when accessing this particular portal.

Why Should You Use Rightmove?

There are a number of reasons why you should be using this property portal and it doesn’t matter what side of the real estate market you fall on. Whether you are searching, selling or advertising, this is the best option for you.

Benefits For Searchers

If you are looking for a place to live either renting or selling, you need to make sure that you are exploring the full market. You don’t want to miss out on a great potential property that you might love. While Rightmove may not have all the properties available to rent, it does have the largest range and as such, it’s beneficial to anyone searching for a home. There are always going to be properties that do not appear on this portal because the agents have chosen to use another option, likely Zoopla. However, the fact is that only using Zoopla will lead to you seeing far less of the market.

That’s not the only benefit either. By using this portal, you get a very clear and easy way to search for property. This has been built into the goals and ideals of the company since it was created nearly two decades ago. The business owners always aimed to provide the easiest way for buyers and renters to search for a property and they still do today. You can quickly input the information and gain access to a list of properties based on the parameters you provide. While this isn’t always perfect it will give you a quick snapshot of the market.

Another brilliant benefit of this portal is that you can immediately get in touch and contact the agent representing the property immediately. You can either use the website’s built-in interface to do this or you can use the details that are provided. Be aware that if details are not provided, this will be a choice by the agency rather than the portal. It will likely be due to the fact that they only want a request for info through the website interface.

Benefits For Sellers

If you are selling your home then the portal also provides the most benefits. The number of daily clicks far exceed any other portal on the market. If a house, flat or commercial property isn’t on the largest portal possible then you will be missing out on some potential crucial buyers. It’s possible and indeed likely that you could find that views are significantly lower for a home without the advertising power that this portal provides.

Due to the high number of visitors and users per day, it’s also likely that you’ll get results faster using this service too. If you advertise your home or property through Rightmove UK, you will likely see more interest in a matter of days rather than a matter of weeks. It’s possible that interest levels will be front- loaded but ideally, that won’t matter. You’ll get results before newer properties are added. Even if they’re not, since properties appear based on parameters, you will always appear first in the list for your targeted buyers.

In other words, the buyers looking for a home at your selling point, with your number of rooms or in your area will see your home first. This provides a great chance for you to find the perfect target buyer and get that quick sale.

You might think that by using a smaller portal you will have a lower level of competition on the market. After all, it’s possible that your home could get lost in the shuffle for buyers online. While this does make sense, ultimately, you will still be gaining a far lower number of visitors so ultimately you will see less interest regardless of the lower levels of competition. It’s far more likely that you’ll find your perfect buyer when you have a far higher number of clicks on your property.

Benefits For Agents

If you are an agent there are several key reasons why you should be using this portal. We can start with the one that we have already discussed and that’s the tools provided. The company offers a fantastic level of resources to ensure that you can climb to the top of your local market.

The other benefit is that you can use it to target both sellers and landlords. Surveys say that many buyers who make enquiries also have a property they need to sell. If you know this, you can then use the portal to your advantage and gain what is essentially double the business. Did you know that according to a survey in 2016 36% of landlords discovered their letting agent by checking out a property site? So, you’re not just market to buyers, you’re marketing to everyone. Furthermore, 77% of the time on the top four property websites is spent on this portal. If you’re looking for a great way to gain a solid return on investment this is the right step to take.

You also need to make sure that you are keeping sellers happy as an agent. 85% of sellers expect their home to be advertised on this portal. As well as this, if you are looking to win instructions, then you will be delighted to hear that the portal sends 4 million leads to agency buyers every month.

Find Out More

If you are interested in using right move co uk you can start today. For buyers and renters, the website is free to use and access as you please. Within seconds, you can get the information you need about homes on sale or up for rent. For agencies interested in using the website, things are a little more complicated. You will need to make sure that you complete an enquiry. This will determine whether your business is eligible for using the solution and whether your company matches the specifications. Response times are remarkably quick and a representative should get back to you in a matter of days.

The bottom line is that the website does provide you with the largest possible audience. That’s true as a seller, an agency and if you are searching you’ll be able to view the largest selection of homes available all through the same portal.

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