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Businesses Can Take Advantage of a Virtual PBX System

There are all kinds of reasons as to why Cloud PBX systems have increased in their popularity. If you run a business, you need know complex and costly a small business phone system can be. They are also riddled with hidden fees and long contracts.

If you’re looking for a non-complicated business phone system for your company, then the easy-to-implement virtual phone system from Drop Cowboy is the way to go.

A Look At PBX Phone System

PBX, short for Private Branch Exchange, is a private telephone network geared toward large companies. It allows people to communicate via a VOIP phone service (externally or internally). The features of the sip phone include voicemail, call transferring, call queues and IVR.

The setup of a traditional IP phone system is expensive and tends to keep people locked into a contract for a set amount of time. Vendor locking practice is an industry standard, and it happens when a person buys a phone that works for their particular VOIP and not others.

Should You Use The Virtual PBX System Instead?

Perhaps the solution is a virtual PBX systems – a highly effective, cloud base answer that gives you access to your business telephony virtually. This type of system offers much of the same features as a traditional PBX system but gives a better user experience. It won’t be long before the traditional systems become no more.

What Kind Of Virtual PBX Benefits Are There?

  • Cost Effective – No more costly IT support, contracts or setup fees.

  • No Cost Upfront – With Drop Cowboy, you can load the account and pay as you use. Implement 1800 numbers and local numbers, and use call forwarding to push business calls anywhere in the world.

  • No Hardware - You can use any mobile device or phone systems.

  • Remote Workers - Employees can receive phone calls from your business phone number under the same phone tree.

  • 3 Tools In One - Combine Ringless Voicemail, PBX and Auto Text reply for an even more powerful tool.

What Kind Of Virtual PBX Benefits Are There?

Since sales organizations are constantly on the go, Drop Cowboy came up with a system allowing you to seamlessly engage with potential clients in a automated fashion.

Local PBX Numbers – With a rented local PBX number, you can maintain a private personal number. You could even use a 1 800 number if you wanted.

Develop an IVR System – Set up a phone tree, so inbound calls are forwarded to yourself or employees no matter the location.

Develop an IVR System – Set up a phone tree, so inbound calls are forwarded to yourself or employees no matter the location.

Auto Text Reply – After you buy a local number, put together your autoresponder that allows Drop Cowboy to respond to texts, giving you the ability to put attention on where it needs to be.

Start Up and Send Out Ringless Voicemail Campaign – In 16 countries, you can send voicemail messages to customers, giving them an opportunity to text or call you back. The auto text reply app will address all incoming calls and direct them to the right virtual phone extensions.

ringless voicemail countries

Millions of Voicemails Delivered Daily

We support sending ringless voicemail to 16 countries









The Netherlands

New Zealand





United Kingdom

United States

See for yourself why so many have embraced ringless voicemail!

There's no monthly fees, minimums, or commitment to get started.
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