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Easy To Use

With our ringless voicemail software, it’s as easy as recording or uploading a message, creating a campaign, selecting the customers you want to target, and clicking a button. You can set up and send ringless voicemail drops or SMS marketing messages in minutes.

Extremely Effective

Most people check messages left on their phone. A 5-20% response rate to both RVM and SMS marketing campaign is standard. From there, your team can ensure the best conversion rates you’ve ever seen.


There’s no such thing as a free text but paying a few cents per message is as close as you can get. What’s more, Drop Cowboy only charges you for messages that actually get delivered.

Reach your entire audience with almost no effort

Our RVM and SMS marketing software is built with ease-of-use in mind. Sending AU ringless voicemail and text messages takes only a few minutes, making it one of the most time-efficient lead generation tools at your disposal.

Most People Respond to Voicemail

People are much more likely to respond to direct to voicemail messages as opposed to cold calls. Your sales team no longer has to deal with hang-ups as a result.

Works with Mobile and Landlines

Reach all your customers in Australia. Whether they’re using a landline or mobile, so long as they have a digital voicemail system, you can target either or both devices at your leisure.

SMS Broadcast

Get your free text login credentials to experience our digital text message marketing platform at no cost. This helps you see what Drop Cowboy has to offer before you spend a dime.

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work

Why Choose Drop Cowboy?

Drop Cowboy is the leading provider of software that offers both AU ringless voicemail and SMS broadcast tools. Online texting and RVM are two of the most-effective methods of direct marketing available with conversion rates that have to be seen to be believed. We’ve worked to help both commercial and nonprofit clients in Australia reach their marketing goals. What’s more, we provide an efficient, easy-to-use platform that can help you set up your campaign in moments, whether you’re sending direct to voicemail offers and deals or text news alerts and announcements.

Effective and inexpensive, ringless voicemail drops and SMS marketing campaigns allow you to deploy outreach and sales efforts without disrupting your customers. We offer the most competitive services in terms of price, convenience, and a bevy of exclusive features.

How Does AU Ringless Voicemail Work?

Drop Cowboy makes use of True Ringless voicemail blast software that helps you reach customers without the fears of having your call rejected or reaching them when they’re not able to properly respond. Your customers are going to appreciate the ability to engage with and respond to your message as and when it suits them. For your business or organisation in software, this can mean increased engagement and conversion rates, as well as some distance from the brand damage that cold calls can cause.

International Ringless Voicemail Drops

AU ringless voicemail isn’t your only option, for that matter. At Drop Cowboy, we offer our services to a wide range of other countries, including the US, the UK, and Canada. When you use our platform, you can take your business international so your company can leave direct to voicemail messages for your overseas customers just as easily.

International SMS Marketing

You can take your SMS broadcast global, as well. Wherever Drop Cowboy is, you can send your messages, too, setting up different campaigns for customers in different countries.

Drop Cowboy Features

Traditional Voicemail drop

We have two options for all your direct to voicemail campaigns. The first is the traditional voice mail drop, which includes sending messages to mobile and landline phones that appear as missed calls and voicemail. We can trigger missed call alerts to engage the phone carrier’s voicemail services instead of their device itself.

This system also allows you to rent a phone number, setup interactive voice responses, add control the user experience for higher converting message deliveries. For businesses that build their sales methods around engagements and responses from missed call notifications, nothing works better.

True Ringless Voicemail

Drop Cowboy’s other option is True Ringless Voicemail Drops. By working with a range of providers in Australia, you can leave your direct to voicemail messages without causing any disruption.

With our RVM services, you can cut past the traditional telephone switching network. These voicemail messages are cheaper than traditional voicemail drops and more effective than cold-calling. However, True Ringless voicemail drops do not appear as missed calls. For that reason, they’re better used for non-urgent purposes, like update notifications, news, and any calls that aren’t directly related to your sales funnel.

Upload MP3 Recordings

If you have a professionally recorded message, then you can simply upload your MP3 or WAV file to the software to craft your ringless voicemail message campaign. Otherwise, Drop Cowboy also offers a call-in service that allows you to record it from scratch the old-school way.

Detailed Reporting

Our software provides analytics that can help you see a wide range of details for ringless voicemail and SMS broadcast campaigns. Follow individual numbers and collect data like delivery date, carrier, any failed deliveries, and the causes for those failures.

Schedule Delivery

Schedule your deliveries to reach the customers when they have the most impact. AU ringless voicemail and SMSs can be scheduled for whatever date and whatever time you want to launch them.

Drip Delivery

Drip delivery allows you to send out your messages at a consistent rate rather than all at once. Adjust the drip rate at will, making it easier for your sales team to field responses at a manageable rate depending on the volume of calls and messages.

Cloud Based

All our ringless voicemail and SMS marketing tools are hosted on the Cloud. That means there are no downloads, and Drop Cowboy can help regardless of where you are, what time it is, or which hardware you’re using.

No Card Required

Want to start using Drop Cowboy but don’t want to use a card? No problem! Our services are available to all in Australia through a range of payment methods.

Global Delivery

Start reaching international customers in a range of markets with global direct to voicemail services. Drop Cowboy is available in a wide range of countries in North America, Europe, and Asia and allows you to send messages to customers anywhere that we’re active.

Mobile Device and Landline Delivery

All phone devices with digital voicemail services, whether on mobile or landline, are able to receive your direct to voicemail marketing campaigns.

Record a Message

If you don’t have a professionally recorded message ready to use in your campaign, it’s no cause for concern. Simply use our call-in service and record one whenever you want to.

Easily Retry Failed Numbers

For both voicemail and SMS marketing services, our analytics tools provide reports of any failed message deliveries. Often, these are due to technical faults or a full inbox. However, you can save those failed numbers and simply retry them at a later date with the press of a button.

Only Pay for Successful Drops

Your costs are cut even further by the fact that we only charge for successful messages. Our reporting allows you to see which messages are delivered and which aren’t, keeping our billing reliable.

Local Presence Numbers

Wherever in Australia your business or organisation is, you can pay to gain access to local numbers based across the world.

Toll-Free Numbers

Encourage more engagement and response with convenient toll-free numbers beginning in 1800 and 1300. We also offer vanity numbers so you can use whichever best fits your preferences and branding.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The interactive voice response system helps reroute any callers responding to your messages. Redirect them to the sales, support, or other staff most relevant to their call.

Call Forwarding and SMS Forwarding

Forward all incoming calls and text messages to landline and mobile devices of your choice.

SMS Auto Responder

Set up SMS keywords that our system memorises and create messages that reply to specific keywords. This way, you can much more effectively send responses to customers looking for particular services or information.

Uploading Contacts

We offer limitless contact records and lists to help you keep track of all customers and leads. Update and upload them as much you like to use with any of your future voicemail or SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing Blast

Our SMS marketing software makes it a breeze to get your message out there. Simply follow the steps of creating campaigns, choosing or uploading the right contact list, writing your message and sending it.

Tiny Links

Tiny links shorten links to web pages, video content, and other URLs. This means that you can save characters in your messages, making it easier to write more substantial messages.

MMS Messaging

Break beyond the 160-character limit. We also support MMS messaging as well as the traditional SMS marketing messages.

Conversational Threads

Pin, highlight, and follow conversations with individual customers. This helps you track their threads over extended periods of time, making it easier to provide more personal responses.

Link Tracking

Track and measure the results of every voicemail and SMS campaign with our reporting tools. Use link tracking features to see how often your links are clicked, helping you find your most successful tactics.


Drop Cowboy offers open API access for both ringless voicemail drops and SMS broadcast.

What Separates Drop Cowboy from the Competition?

Working with commercial companies, nonprofits, and organisations of all kinds in Australia, we constantly help introduce teams to a better and more cost-effective means of direct marketing. SMS and direct to voicemail blasts can help get your message out to more people in a way that’s both more efficient and cost-effective. Drop Cowboy offers a competitive service that stands apart against the rest of the industry.

Start reaping the benefits of AU ringless voicemail and SMS marketing, today. Get in touch with info@dropcowboy.com if you have questions anything not addressed here. We also have a range of How To Guides available on the site to help you make the most of our platform.

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